5. Letter of congratulations KOSY Board Chairman

Date 21/09/2021

Message Happy New Year

Chairman of the Board sent KOSY officials,

Hanoi, January 1, 2009

Employees Group KOSY

On the occasion of New Year 2009 and m?ng Suu Ky Xuan, on behalf of the group's leaders, I respectfully submit to the members, under the company, representative offices in all provinces with officials, workers and family compliment and best regards.

Jump to 2009, continue with the momentum degradation will affect several units and abroad. The competition will be intense and require the level of technology, capacity management. With goals set very high with a specific plan, clearly have been constructed, Corporations KOSY determination to achieve goals. To do that we must unite, try a lot and each individual must have in mind, the desire to build strong KOSY.

In 2008, a year full of difficulties and challenges, with the economic crisis affect the households and not less impact to the development of KOSY. With the heart and determination, corporations have been overcome difficulties gradually develop strong, broad market, success in ventures with partners and has achieved the target set.

I believe that, with effort and creativity we will take to become a KOSY Corporations economic strength in exploiting and processing minerals, construction, education and training, legal advice.

Nguyen Viet Cuong

Wish all staff, workers and families a new year is plentiful health, happiness, success!

Board Chairman Corporations KOSY