Actions welcomes Viet Nam teacher day

Date 21/09/2021

In celebration of the holidays to celebrate this big there are many activities already taking place. In addition to items of information technology may have plugged the flowers, fine students, and write a report on the topic wall Teachers. Besides the C? Technology Bac Ha also has exchange programs, share teaching experience of teachers with each other. Especially the excellent teacher retired. Representatives of the Corporation with TD Kosy C? School of Economics of Technology Hanoi, C? technology in Bac Ha, went to the unit member in the area of North West province congratulations to teachers education, encourage the teachers to overcome difficulties to complete the good work teaching at the school.

Besides, the JSC also Kosy TD to schools such as University of Technology Hanoi University of Construction, University of National Economics, congratulations to all teachers teaching in schools. In addition Ingersoll Kosy is the TD to the relevant organization gifts for poor students overcoming difficulties in reaching study. This is also a source of great encouragement of the spirit for the children in the study. The work has created a useful playground, creating conditions for civil servants – teachers, students show their talented , feel more confident in the unions, creating close personal between teachers together as well as teachers with students in schools.