Audit results 9 months 2009

Date 21/09/2021

In recent years, especially the first 9 months of 2009 the economic situation and the financial world there are so many changes. Gold prices increase rapidly as the dollar exchange rate and prices found in the country escalated. Situation leads to inflation fluctuations are complex, there is no trend of decrease.
Business situation of enterprises in Vietnam also face difficulties. However, with the strength of Construction, Minerals, Education, legal advice. Board of Directors and staff of the company is still trying to overcome and rose to powerful. In the first 9 months of 2009 with the potential and inherent strength of his company stock TD KOSY joined the bidding several key construction projects in Lao Cai, Cao Bang, Bac Kan …. And some western provinces North. Special start to exploit minerals in the two mines, Hoa Binh and Lao Cai.
In the field of education and training Corporation TD KOSY collaborated with many colleges, the University enrolls prestige and training over 3,000 students, students in the country.

In the financial sector, the company has cooperated with KOSY Co. Auditor Indochina involved auditing the financial situation at the company and the audit period had the objective to assess the financial situation in companies, show honesty, transparency …. Assets and long-term assets of the company is fully to meet liquidity needs and participate in production and business activities. Situation fluctuations in assets and capital in the first 9 months is consistent with the development of enterprises.
In reporting the results of business operations, as well as reports circulate all the currency in 2009 showed that business activity of the business will grow smoothly. Financial statements of the Corporation KOSY TD was set up in accordance with accounting standards of Vietnam, Vietnam accounting regime current accounting system of Vietnam and other regulations on accounting in Vietnam.
However in the near future, TD KOSY Corporation will strive to further perfect the system of accounting at the company and the member units. In the future the company will KOSY one company has the financial potential of leading Construction, Minerals, Real Estate, Education ….

Final audit limited company Indochina data confirmed the 2008 financial statements and financial situation nine months of 2009 is honesty and transparency.