Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee approves the detailed planning (scale 1/500) for construction of KOSY New Urban Zone Project in Bac Giang city

Date 21/09/2021

1. Location, boundary and scope of research

a-  Location:

The planned zone is located in Xuong Giang commune, Bac Giang city, about 1.5km from Bac Giang city northwards.

b- Boundary:

    – North: Fields of Dong Gom hamlet;

    – South: Provincial Road 295B (previously National Road 1A);

    – East: Residential area of Trai Bac hamlet, Xuong Giang commune, Bac Giang city;

    – West: Dong Bac belt road.

c- Scope of research:

    – Area: 23 ha;

    – Anticipated population: about 3,500 people


                                                    Overall project projection

2. Natures of the detailed planning

    – New Urban Zone;

    – Main functions: arranging new urban area, residential buildings, commercial, medical, economic, cultural – sports services, entertainment areas at urban level and several public works at urban and regional level.

3. Basic criteria on land use and technical infrastructure

    – Land for public works:  6%;

    – Land for residential area: 36%;

    – Land for urban transport: 42%;

    – Land for landscape with green trees and water surface: 16%.

4. Construction items expected to be invested:

      Residential area:

   + Adjacent houses;

   + Villas;

   + Mixed residential apartments.

     Public works:

   + Educational works;

   + Service works: Shopping center; services;

   + Public flower gardens, green trees and water surface;

   + Transport, water supply and drainage, power supply, public car park.

Right after approval of the detailed planning by Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee, KOSY JSC coordinated with Dong Do Architectural Consulting and Construction JSC to promptly carry out the next tasks and early complete the scheme on the detailed construction planning (scale 1/500) to submit to Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee for approval by March 2012.