Birthday officials KOSY Company

Date 21/09/2021

As a rule, and the consensus of the board of JSC KOSY. 22/10 last day union companies to coordinate with the room Administration – Human birthday party for two staff:

– Sister: Khuat Thi Hanh Accounting Office staff.

– Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Management staff training room.

This is a chance for everyone to remember and celebrate his birthday at the same time create an environment of mutual exchange visit of everyone in the company. Creating a friendly atmosphere and positive work environment in general and in particular companies KOSY.

On behalf of the board, P. Pham Sac Long CEO had sent flowers to Ms. Hanh and Sister The same good wishes, happiness, success comes with two sisters.

Instead of words to say departmental representatives have donated songs to the most meaningful birthday to two female staff.

To express sincere thanks to the board and the brothers and sisters in the company, Phuong had a few brief remarks have high cohesion.

Although not much time for the fun atmosphere, but the impetus for the new working effectively.

Here are some pictures: