Building Culture KOSY

Date 21/09/2021

Throughout history, we humans are always learning every step, research tinkering to perfect yourself, so every five months over human society, the country has changed dramatically for are today. But that change is the difference varies between rich and poor, between organizations, between different countries in the world .. Vietnam is a country we are poor, backward, if viewed from the developed countries. But Vietnam we have a long history of culture being passed down from generation to generation, is the great effort of our forefathers. But what it is not enough for social development today.

We now need to do more than that, if we are to be sociable with you all over the world, we are a developing country, so we are conditioned to learn what the country are developed.

Through this practice, I see we need to learn the culture has reached the cognitive abilities of human supremacy. Let me give some examples of cultural criteria need to be applied, particularly in the culture of our business.


Individuality and human rights is important. This may sound like the selfish attitude but it makes us honest, to respect other individuals and that requires equal human rights.


Independence is part of enhanced human culture instead of dependence to others, so we are free to plan work for you and stand on their own feet.


We have to put honesty and candor on the more important to save face. We are ready to take the time to openly discuss issues that we find controversial or even when they feel offended. Encourage the frank discussion of our disagreements and conflicts clearance is required the intervention of a third person.

Relaxed demeanor:

Communicate with a relaxed attitude among us despite differences in age or social status.


We appreciate the achievements that we gain from individual efforts or collective group.


We always show the teams and the cooperation from everyone in the working process.

Appreciate time:

The time is always appreciated in social development, they arrange appointments and personal lives according to a timetable. They always arrive on time. This is almost absolute.


Developing human life is always changing, if you are familiar with using the top, you'll feel dizzy with this pace. Left hand, you will find interesting.

Silence can make us anxious:

They would rather talk about the weather than to accept the silence in a conversation.

Always open and enthusiastic to answer questions:

If you do not understand an activity or want to learn more about customs and values, do not be shy to ask questions. We are always ready to answer.

                                                                                                    Master. Nguyen The Hung