Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of KOSY Joint Stock Company in 2019.

On June 27th, 2019, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of KOSY Joint Stock Company (stock code: KOS) took place and passed many important contents related to the operational strategy in the fiscal year 2019.


2019 is considered by Kosy as a transitional year, creating momentum for speedy steps and waiting for greater successes in the future with events, objectives and challenges higher than those in 2018.

Management by objectives in Kosy Corporation

The company is trying to apply the tools and professional methods of administration. Oriented management with the goals to help lead the company effective control activities while continuing to expand markets and business areas

The Quality and Skills of a director

Leadership is a process of influence for others to understand and agreed on what to do, how effective the implementation process and support the collective effort, individual to complete the goal .

Video of planning announcement 1/500 for KOSY – SONG CONG Urban Zone

A Seminar on announcement of detailed construction planning 1/500 for KOSY – SONG CONG New Urban Zone was held on 17/4/2011.

KOSY JSC and corporate restructure

On 5 – 9/11/2011, a meeting was held by Kosy JSC to discuss corporate restructure with a view to continuously maintain growth in the difficult period of market economy and achieving general objectives.

The birthday celebration for staff JSC KOSY

Date 23/08/2011 Division has represented unions to organize companies to celebrate the birthday of siblings have the same birthday month 8 / 2011

Tourism Lan Ha Bay – Cat Ba with company officials Kosy

Date 2,3,4 July 2011, the Company shares held Kosy for staff and family members vacationing in the island of Cat Ba - Hai Phong. The trip took place in three days, the sunny climate of the sea wind,