Date 21/09/2021


On the morning of June 20, the Government’s Information Portal hosted a seminar on “Thai Nguyen – Development Potential and Investment Opportunities”, with the participation of guests: Mr.Vu Hong Bac (Chairman of the People’s Committee), Mr. Vu Tien Loc (President of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI) and Mr. Nguyen Van Thoi (Chairman of Thai Nguyen Enterprise Association).

Mr Vu Hong Bac – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Thai Nguyen province

Scene of the seminar “Thai Nguyen – Development potential and investment opportunities”

(From left to right: Mr. Nguyen Van Thoi, Mr. Vu Tien Loc and Mr. Vu Hong Bac).

Speaking about the development potential of Thai Nguyen province, Mr. Vu Hong Bac said that in recent years, Thai Nguyen province has had breakthrough developments, especially the economy. The reason for this is because the motto of the province is to respect the people and businesses, taking the people and the enterprises as the objects of being served

“We attach great importance to investment in order to create the most favorable conditions. The growth rate of Thai Nguyen doubles in comparison with the national average, with the average income of 68 million VND per person per year, the highest in the northern mountainous provinces”, said Bac.

According to Mr. Bac, leaders of Thai Nguyen highly appreciated the role of the community of businesses, entrepreneurs in the development of the locality, especially the enterprises with foreign investment and local businesses.

“We always attach importance to supporting our business partners, creating the best conditions for enterprises to have the opportunity to develop.” Thai Nguyen’s government has committed to creating opportunities for investors to come to Thai Nguyen, which is now recognized by the community of local and foreign entrepreneurs, enterprises in Vietnam. Thai Nguyen is a golden opportunity for investors”, he said.

On the ground clearance, using land resources, Mr. Bac said that Thai Nguyen is always one of the provinces with high regard for management and investment under planning.

“We attach special importance to the quality of planning.” Thai Nguyen is one of the localities interested in synchronous construction and infrastructure, creating links between industry and agriculture, tourism, enhancing competitiveness, considering PCI as an important indicator.

We regularly work with the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), always attaching great importance to improving the competitiveness capacity, public administration enterprise index.


Kosy Gia Sang new urban area project (Thai Nguyen city) invested by Kosy Group has attracted great interest of real estate investors


Ground clearance is always a key point in the process of attracting investment. Where is work is carried out well, it will be effective and attract more resources. Thai Nguyen has a lot of experience in clearing land, for example for Samsung.

Currently, ground clearance is still daily problem in other local areas, so we attach much interest on this work. Must consider this work as an important mark. By doing this work well, we shall achieve the results in the investment”, said Bac.

On the reform of administrative procedures in Thai Nguyen province, Nguyen Van Thoi said that the indicators for measuring and evaluating the reform of administrative procedures of public agencies related to creating the environment Thai Nguyen’s enterprises ranked in the top 10 in the whole country and are highly appreciated by enterprises.

Some sectors, such as the tax sector in recent years actively reform, relating to declaration procedures, tax refund … help businesses reduce the cost of time.

“Especially, the tax e-customs clearance payment  reduces the time and trouble for enterprises,” said Thoi.

In the past years, Thai Nguyen has applied the one-door mechanism, with business registration through the electronic gate, reducing the registration time to 2 days, reducing the time to carry out investment licensing procedures to 15 – 20 days. In addition, customs clearance procedures are also very positively improved

“The provincial leaders are trying to reform the administrative procedures for businesses, which has been recognized and very pleased with the administrative procedures in recent years in Thai Nguyen,” Mr.Thoi emphasizes.

On the situation of cross-enterprise overlapping in the province, Mr. Thoi said that after the direction from the Prime Minister, Thai Nguyen province timely issued the instructions stipulating that in case of wishing the investigate the enterprises, must apply for approval from the provincial leaders.

“Enterprises that are subjected to inspection twice a year must report it. Therefore, the phenomenon of overlapping inspection on enterprises is very limited in Thai Nguyen,”, said Thoi.

In recent years, Thai Nguyen has been one of the most progressive provinces in administrative reforms, ranked 15th in the country in terms of provincial competitiveness index and one of the top two provinces in Northern mountainous provinces, this reflects the quality of investment effectiveness in Thai Nguyen.

“Thai Nguyen is also one of the leading provinces in attracting foreign investment, for example, Samsung, which demonstrates that local efforts in facilitating the business environment and investment and development favorable for businesses”, said Mr Vu Tien Loc.

According to Mr. Loc, businesses highly appreciate Thai Nguyen in the reform of administrative procedures, especially the index of land clearance, along with the dynamism of local government, quality of  training, human resources is highly appreciated.

In addition, Mr. Loc said that what the investors and businesses expect the most from the government and the Assocation is the formation of te measures for consistent implementation of the above lcoal reform policies.

“In order to do this effectively, the provincial leaders must be decisive, making the underlying mechanism consistent in improving the business environment, reforming administrative procedures, consistently from the leadership to executors to encourage businesses to invest”, Mr Loc concluded.

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