Establish joint Venture

Date 21/09/2021

Today on 11/03/2010 at representative office in Hanoi, the leaders welcomed the company KOSY Michael Pfeifer – Managing Director Company IBG (Federal Republic of Germany).

According to the conference content:

– Based on Technology of Vietnam market

– Based on the progress of industrial development towards industrialization and modernization.

– Based on the need to improve their quality of life based on environmentally sustainable development.

– Based on the related legal documents

The two sides agreed a joint venture contract signed on 02 th Co., Ltd. established project management KOSY-GERMANY.

Scope of activities of Joint Venture:

– Consulting transfer, technology assessment in the field of electric automation environment.

– Promote technology transfer

– Investment Consultant (does not include audit consultancy, financial and legal advice)

– Preparation and management of investment projects.

– Education Consultant

Expected to March 06/2010 The Joint Venture will come into operation, investment promotion, consultancy and technology transfer mainly in the electricity industry automation, environmental and clean energy.

With the results achieved by both parties, this is the next important step in the relationship KOSY-IBG.