Established joint stock company joint venture KOSY – IBG

Date 21/09/2021

      KOSY – On September 11, 2009 at the headquarters in Hanoi Group KOSY a ceremony for signing a contract to establish joint stock venture "mining and processing Feldspat KOSY – IBG" units venture between Tap KOSY Group Corporation and IBG (Germany).

IBG Group is a unit operating mainly in construction, exploration, geological survey works, supply equipment and materials for the construction industry has great ability and reputation management in Germany as well as the European market.
Content by: Ensuring good quality building materials for industry

Joint Venture Company KOSY – IBG was founded with a total investment of VND 180 billion, mainly contributed by two parties, with the rest raised from banks and some individuals have the capacity. Activities mainly mining, processing and trading of minerals Feldspar and other related services to reach international standards, namely:

As particle size: By international standards to distinguish three different types of grain size as follows:
+ Size for glaze particles ≤ 45 μm

+ Size particles for ceramics, tiles the ≤ 75 μm

+ HCO size particles using sanitary, porcelain insulators ≤ 125 μm

Products for ceramic industry, glass, ceramics filler industry, health care …. Within the territory of Vietnam and plans to export 40% of production to the European market.
The establishment of joint ventures have important significance for the Group KOSY, marking a new development step in the development strategy of the Group into one unit mining, processing and business types Vietnam's leading mineral and capable of competing with other countries in the region.
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