Kosy Group Organized an English Training Classes for Employees

Date 21/09/2021

English is considered as the global language and the official language of communication in international events, global organizations, and the international trade. In the context of deeper integration with the world, Vietnam is a member of the international economic organizations such as the WTO, ASEAN, ASEM, APEC, and TPP. This brings opportunities to cooperate and trade with foreign enterprises. Currently, the Group is participating to a number of foreign enterprises. Thus, a need for a team of staff with high proficiency and fluency in English Language would seem to be an advantage to these global trades.

Kosy Group Leaders initiated as they invited Aroma English Centre on curriculum and teaching methods development to improve the English proficiency and fluency of their employees in the most efficient way. The program will last for one (1) year with basic methods of learning English based on the Business Goals Professional English Curriculum by as per Aroma’s suggestion in achieving the required job and foreign language skills. In connection, all employees who participated in the training courses must pass the English proficiency test.

Throughout the course, participants experienced professional training methods that will surely better each one’s English Language proficiency and fluency. Classes were suggested to be held in the function room of the Group after work shift to save employees’ time for travelling yet the learning environment would also be maintained with full amenities such as PC, projector, sounds system, interactive tables, and other learning materials. It is deemed that after the training, all participants will be able to communicate in English well most specifically to gain confidence in communication during negotiation with foreign customers and partners.

The foreign language capacity training of staff is also strategy to expand the business scope of the Kosy Group overseas. With this policy, future expansion to other countries in the region and the world prepares Kosy staff with high qualifications and language skills proficiency. In addition, this is also a fringe benefit for employees contributing to their professional development as well as that of Kosy Group.