Kosy group where human resource training

Date 21/09/2021

In recent years corporations have gathered Kosy is a large staff with energy expertise high, including many staff at the Ph.D., master’s and staff have experience working in the field of Education Group in collaboration with many universities and colleges to conduct training contributed to the development of human resources for provinces, especially mountainous province in the North.

The open classes have created conditions for the cells co-ethnic children can have academic quality at the local, less expensive than the same academic program, the same quality in big cities . With has created favorable conditions for students in the mountainous province in the North and students are children of cells co-ethnic study courses at the level of contact on college. Contribute to make the dream and aspiration of the academic students. The organization review, examinations, enrollment in the province as stipulated by the Ministry of Education – Training
Along with conducting open training courses for professionals, corporations Kosy urgently promote preparation location, human resources and the conditions the infrastructure to build the project established College Economics Kosy, after which conducted upgrade of the University of Economics Kosy.
To make training quality, effective, Kosy Group has invited the teachers are highly qualified, senior teachers participate as advisers in the field of education, training and direct teaching in the Training Department. To continuously improve the quality of education, and measures to reduce the burden on filing fees, costs and training for students, enabling students to access and study the best programs,
Kosy corporations are conducting negotiations with several organizations, economic groups in and outside the country for the purpose of calling for investment, funding for training programs and human resources.

Master Nguyen Van Bien