KOSY with the opportunities and challenges

Date 21/09/2021

(1) macro-environment:

First, the economic environment: The world economy as well as Vietnam's economy is on the rebound, Vietnam in 2009 GDP at 5.2%, forecast 6.5% in 2010. Vietnam is a developing country, combined with the resonance of economic growth creates many opportunities and advantages for the company's business.Market demand for the business of KOSY will be greater and we will have many partners at home and abroad to choose from. With the explosive growth of the economy, competition in the bank to partner competition is fierce. Thus, if we have viable projects, reputation building, we can be banks or other credit institutions to finance investment projects.Besides the advantage that, by the time to tighten credit policy and the inflation rate will rise, this led to increased interest rates and affect the development of the company, because we have time to mobilized a lot of investment capital from credit institutions.
Second, the political environment: In Vietnam, we have a great advantage in political stability, this makes not only domestic investors particularly reassuring that foreign investors will peace of mind when transferring money into the Vietnam market. Vietnam has many advantages, which promote the core competencies of KOSY should create many opportunities for growth and business expansion.

Tuesday, socio-cultural environment: Vietnam has a cheap labor force, and fencing. People of Vietnam hospitality, hard work. Besides, we do not have the industrial working style, working order and discipline.

(2) Environment sector:

Currently KOSY company operates in three key areas: education and training, construction, mining and mineral processing.

First, the field of education and training: This is a field with great growth potential, learning needs are great and training is a growth industry and long-term stability. Also encouraged by the state, supporters should create more opportunities for growth. Besides activities in the field of education has faced many challenges, to say the first problem is to always improve the quality of teaching and learning, to build a brand and reputation.
Just when do these things to be able to compete with rivals, other schools, while attracting new students and students. Another challenge is to act as special today, we face many difficulties when entering the province, because the trip to the protection of the province with training institutions in the province. There are also other challenges such as constantly upgrade the level of awareness and training, infrastructure, building a team of teachers in the province …Second, the construction field: This is an industry with great growth potential, with the actual situation like Vietnam, the construction industry are at the stage of growth. According to calculations, over the past 50 years this industry has great growth. Every year there are so many new works construction in the country, if possible develop core competencies, we enter and thrive in this area is not too difficult.
Besides the business in this sector also faces many challenges such as high cost, large working capital, human resources professional qualifications and technical skills. Must compete with many other strong competitors, while our capacity is limited in both financial records and experience. One other challenge is always very important to ensure quality of works in progress when faced with bad conditions of weather factors, natural factors and various provisions of the law …

Tuesday, minerals sector: is a field with good development potential, is very stable and long term, may to hundreds of years. This is an industry more value. Vietnam is a country with many other minerals, besides a lot of favorable policies to facilitate KOSY continue expanding this business.
This is a sector attracting the attention of many investors have the capacity. Thereby creating more opportunities to call for investment and capital contribution from the business cooperation partners at home and abroad. There are viable projects we can also borrow capital from banks or many credit institutions to implement the project. Besides trading in this industry face many challenges as long-term investment, large capital investment, subject to many risks. Is a sector to invest so much time, involving many agencies from local to central government. Also involved are many people with related interests such as those residents living on the mines, so the clearance over a wide area is also a big problem.

                                                          Nguyen Viet Cuong – Chairman KOSY