Master – Postgraduate Nguyen Duc Diep – Stood as Vice General Director of Kosy Joint Stock Company Talked with Students

Date 21/09/2021

The thematic talk was aimed to share the knowledge and experience in leadership of KOSY Joint Stock Company and business practices associated with training with students to be more determined and knowledgeable as they participated in this event in the University hall. He wished for the students to be highly qualified workforce for KOSY Joint Stock Company and organizations and enterprises as they graduate.

In his talk, Master – postgraduate Nguyen Duc Diep shared with the students the role of our dreams, efforts, passion in work, and learning as the keys for success. Difficulties are inevitably present along the way towards the future yet valuable experiences to confront challenges, overcome stress, and gain new knowledge and confidence are essential in advancement and enrichment for themselves, their families, and society.

The talk took place in an intimate, lively, and open atmosphere by two-way communication between students and Master – postgraduate Nguyen Duc Diep. Through this exchange, in addition to being updated with new information and knowledge, students had the opportunity to practice listening skills, critical thinking, and candid response.

Closing the event when a great amount of knowledge and experiences were passed to the students, it is expected that the exchange helped them deeply understand economic – social issues, be more confident, and eventually become successful entrepreneurs in the near future.

Some of the photographs during the talk: