Working at JSC Marketing KOSY

Date 21/09/2021

KOSY company is a business activity in some sectors such as mining and mineral processing, construction, education and training, the company has branches in many provinces such as Ha Noi, Lao Cai, Cao Bang … Currently the company is a joint venture, investment cooperation with its partners have the capacity at home and abroad to implement some large projects, including projects Fhelspa mining and processing in Lao Cai. Industry Journal reporter had an interview with Master Nguyen Viet Cuong – Chairman of the Company KOSY.

Reporter: Known Company KOSY interdisciplinary activities, please tell us the role of marketing in the company?

 Nguyen Viet Cuong: Marketing is a basis for setting goals of the company, as a basis for planning and promoting programs to achieve company goals. In addition, to help promote and brand names, established many relationships, building credibility and trust with partners.
Reporter: He can tell the person directly, indirectly involved in planning and implementing marketing plans and tasks of these people?

 Nguyen Viet Cuong: A multi-sector companies operating in each sector work carried out different marketing, this question I would limit the field of mining and mineral processing:

About people involved in this work are: leaders in the field of minerals and a number of staff working in marketing at the company.

On the tasks of these people, was carried out works in the Marketing Plan contents:

– First, analyze the current situation: the specific example, our company currently has a number of mineral deposits, and investment preparation plant exploitation and processing, but we have difficulty capital and technology. But, besides that now there are many enterprises and foreign capital, technology wish to invest in the mining sector in Vietnam.
– Second, analyze opportunities and challenges:

+ The Opportunity: KOSY may call for investment, joint ventures with qualified partners.

+ The challenge: We want to build a strong brand, but also face many difficulties and challenges in the competitive environment today.

– Third, aims to: KOSY has many relationships with partners and joint ventures, cooperation with partners and foreign capital, technology and experience.

– Fourth, Strategic Marketing: KOSY deployed around three factors: People (People), Products (Product), Media (Promotion), such as recruiting and training staff have the knowledge, experience, facilities add some useful minerals and apply various methods of communication.

– Fifth, the action plan: Recruitment and human resource training and conduct of administrative procedures and seek partners by other means of communication such as oral communication, E-mail, Phone, Fax, Website Company …

– Sixth, financial projections: the budget must be prepared.

– Seventh, control: Keep the exchange of work situation, adjust the program plan and accordingly, actual measures in order to find effective operation.

Reporter: Could preliminary assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of current models?
 Nguyen Viet Cuong: Through actual operation on the model, we find that there are advantages to the system compact, convenient, low cost, make use of human resources. But, also face disadvantages such as finding information to those interested in the model may be small, and really professional nature.

Reporter: Thank you!

(The article was published in the Journal of Industry, issued on 05/06/2010)