Working style in Kosy Corporation

Date 21/09/2021

Kosy Corporation are increasingly better in every way to become a unit of multi-sector, rapid growth and sustainable. Leadership development firm note sync, besides organizing the business sector, is also concerned about how the organization and layout work … to present a professional, modern fit with the dimensions of culture.

To reach such standards: The company has set rules

– regulations on the implementation of the workplace culture for all employees at offices in Hanoi and its subsidiaries, affiliates in the provinces

– Regarding the working style: Shown behavior of professional staff with knowledge, with culture, good to look mature, civilized and polite.

– About time: The company applied for working hours in compliance with current labor laws to conform to the body, when trading partners.

– Regarding clothing: The company has specified the clothes for men and women employees are compatible according to the season in harmonious combination. Specifically:

+ For men: suit, shirt, belt Caravat, slacks, sandals or shoes.

+ For Women: skirt or pants work shirts, sandals or shoes.

+ On the way management: corporate leadership approach management by objectives (Management By Objectives – MBO). This method is consistent with the objectives, strategies and development plans of the company. A method of governance, in which each member, each department is always striving to set targets for individual parts and their commitment to the goals already set.

Some pictures:

1. An online meeting between the Company Kosy in Hanoi with affiliates in the provinces:








                                         2. Hình ?nh h?t s? phòng ban làm vi?c: 














                                        3. Some pictures at a birthday party staff Kosy office: