Kosy Eden Bac Giang urban area

Location: Xuong Giang ward, Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province.

Scale: 23.3 hectares.

Total investment: Over 500 billion dong.


Kosy Eden – Bac Giang urban area is reasonably planned towards the goal of bringing a green, clean and comfortable living space. The entire space of the urban area is concentrated around the central open space of parks, lakes, high-rise buildings and villas, forming a space core with low construction density. The outer rim is the adjacent housing constructions with high construction density.

Each Housing project in the Urban Area is a product of convergence of the quintessence of modern design art. The space is cleverly handled to maximize the usable area and bring into the house a lively natural space with natural light and open natural landscape.


Bac Giang city is the economic – cultural – political center of Bac Giang province, with a very convenient location in terms of traffic: About 50 km from Hanoi capital to the North, more than 100 km from Hai Phong to the East, in the central position on the arterial traffic route (road, international railway) connecting Hanoi capital with Lang Son city and Dong Dang international border gate; It is an important inter-regional transport hub.

Bac Giang city has known as one of the major industrial centers of the region: Protein, chemicals, garment. At the same time, it is the center of distribution and transshipment of goods from China to the North of Vietnam, where domestic products are exported to the Chinese market, so the potential for development is great.

Kosy – Bac Giang new urban area has a very beautiful location, convenient for people’s living and working. The project is only about 1.5 km from the center of Bac Giang city.

  • To the North, it borders on Dong Gom field;
  • To the South, it borders Provincial Road 295B (former National Road 1A);
  • To the East, it borders Trai Bac residential area, Xuong Giang ward;
  • To the West, it borders the Northeast Belt Road.

The completed urban area will contribute to the socio-economic development of Bac Giang city, ensuring the construction of a new urban area with beautiful, civilized, modern landscape architecture, good infrastructure, meeting the development needs of Bac Giang city and its vicinity.


Kosy Eden – Bac Giang urban area is planned to bring a green, clean and comfortable living space, increasing the living value of each resident. The urban area will include a full range of construction items such as: rows of shophouses, villas, townhouses, high-rise apartment complexes and utilities such as conditioning lake park, green park, school, cultural land, parking lot…

The ecological space of Kosy Eden – Bac Giang urban area is concentrated around parks, lakes, high-rise buildings and villas, forming a space with low construction density, many trees, brings a feeling of relaxation, freshness, and openness. The outer rim is the shophouse and adjacent housing projects with high construction density, concentrating residents to form a busy and bustling trading and business location.

With the desire to create a modern standard life but still ensure an environmentally friendly element for future residents, Kosy Employer has invested a large amount in a synchronous and modern internal utility system including: Commercial center, Market, Kindergarten, green park, lake, parking lot, etc. This place promises to create an ideal living space for every family.

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