Sam Son summer vacation 2022: Spreading culture, connecting spirit
Date 07/07/2022

Exciting Team building “Union for success” to welcome the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders As part of the series of activities to celebrate the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders, the Team building program exclusively for Kosy Group employees on May 21 took place passionately and excitingly at Sam Son beach. Team building is not only […]

Capacity of Kosy Group to operate power plants
Date 01/07/2022

In two consecutive years 2021 and 2022, Kosy Group continuously put two key renewable energy plants, Kosy Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant, phase 1 – 40.5 MW and Nam Pac Hydropower Plant – 34 MW into operation, connected to the national electricity grid, bringing stable income for the Group. Once Kosy’s construction implementation capacity confirmed, […]

Nam Pac train of youth
Date 30/06/2022

The operators of the hydropower plant are so young but without any hesitation, they are willing to leave their family and friends for the Nam Pac train of youth. There is a beautiful time in one’s life, it is called youth. A vibrant youth, a youth full of enthusiasm and passion, at that time, people […]

Ha Nam, a rainy summer day
Date 30/06/2022

Kosy Lita Ha Nam Project Management Board June comes, returning to us with the joy of memories. Summer rain in the middle of the vast construction site, bringing together with unforgettable memories of a arduous but heroic journey, with sorrows, sadness and joys. Hundreds of works have to be set up at the beginning of […]

Outline portraits of 4 new Deputy General Directors
Date 30/06/2022

In March 2022, Kosy Group held a ceremony to announce the decision to appoint 04 Deputy General Directors in charge of the fields of Finance, Business, Renewable Energy, Administration – Human Resources – Office. , in order to satisfy the development requirement in the current period. Reporter from Kosy News had a conversation with 4 […]

The stars in Da La sky
Date 29/06/2022

Nguyen Thanh Nghiem – KSCons Unconsciously with Mr. Bo’s previous question, suddenly I had an answer: “Dear Mr. Bo – Head of the Kosy Quang Binh PMU, do you know that you are managing a group of artists, they are your stars in the sky of Da La!” Although it is just the beginning of […]

Sam Son: Untold story
Date 29/06/2022

Mr. Loc – Kosy Bac Lieu Wind Power Plant “Summer is coming with bustling sound of cicadas Enjoy the music in the reunion ceremony Solidarity, Essence together That is Kosy, our shared home” Destination of Essence As expected, we, Bac Lieu team had our first summer trip since joining Kosy’s family. It’s been more than […]

Kosy Group awarded 200 scholarships to poor students with good study results in Dien Bien province
Date 27/05/2022

Thanh Nguyen – Kosy News Reporter For the purpose of supporting children in the highlands, last May, Kosy Group cooperated with Investor Magazine and Dien Bien Phu Newspaper to visit and award 200 scholarships to poor students with good performance in Phinh Giang commune, Dien Bien Dong district, Dien Bien province. Dien Bien is one […]