Announcement of Kosy – Song Cong Urban Zone planning 1/500

Date 17/04/2011

On 17/4, a conference was held at Song Cong Town to announce the detailed construction planning 1/500. video clip

According to Decision on the urban planning approval of Song Cong People’s Committee, KOSY New Urban Zone carried out by KOSY Joint Stock Company (Hanoi) is located in Thang Loi ward, 40m from the centerline of Thang Loi road (Song Cong town), bordering Western sub-zone – Song Cong High School and two sides bordering the residential area. This urban zone has its area of about 39ha and population of 5.4 thousand people.

        Mr. Nguyen Khac Lam – Chairman of Song Cong People’s Committee.

Under the approved planning, the urban zone includes many functional areas such as villas, adjacent houses, commerce & service area, green trees, water surface landscape, public works, schools and kindergarten … The urban zone will become a newly and synchronously planned one to improve living conditions, environment and business activities of the residents in the zone; absolutely exploit and effectively use the existing land fund; and create a housing area which is sustainably developed and harmonious with nature…

Under Decision on the urban planning approval, Song Cong People’s Committee requires KOSY Joint Stock Company to coordinate with relevant agencies in order to widely announce the planning to the public; manage construction and planning and organize implementation of the approved project.