Chairman of Kosy Group: “For success, never give up!”

Date 09/03/2018

To create that success, according to Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Chairman of Kosy Group, besides strategic vision, the consistency, brave and patience are more important.

No ambition, No success

Formally started in 2008, in the first years, Kosy Group was quite outstanding with activities in the field of civil engineering, road construction and education. By the year 2011, Kosy Group has been more aware of the market when it comes to investing and trading real estate with Kosy branded projects

The management of the Group is the one who directs and maintains the Group’s activities in accordance with the common objectives.

In the niche market in the provinces of Thai Nguyen (Kosy Song Cong), Lao Cai (Kosy Mountain View), Bac Giang (Kosy Bac Giang) …, projects invested by Kosy Group had relatively favorable location and were evaluated as potential when all are in the center of the developing provinces. However, the plan to focus and take the fulcrum for the ambition to move themselves was not as favorable as planned, by that time, the real estate market also fell into a freeze.

“A business owner must be a good person in everything from family to society” – Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Chairman of Kosy Group

The economy was hard, the real estate was more harder. For Kosy, the more difficult it was, because most of the capital accumulated in previous years were focused on projects. Not to mention, due to the size of the project is not small,  in addition to funding available, President Nguyen Viet Cuong had to mobilize more loans from banks.

As a reputable businessman, the loan was not too difficult for Mr. Cuong. However, the loan had to be paid, but at very high interest rates at the time and the difficulty of the market, the pressure on the head as him was extremely large.

“There is a period where I could not sleep for many nights, and many people, including my relatives, recommend me to sell the project and consider it the most feasible solution. All difficulties will be solved, especially financial pressure, when the project is sold … “, Cuong shared.

But he did not do that. With patience, persistence and determination, he had the belief that, despite all the difficulties, only in a few years would the market be recovered. “Selling the  project may be a good solution, but the opportunity comes only once, so it is not easy to give up,” Cuong shared.

According to Mr. Cuong, in every situation and especially difficult times, the leaders had to show their determination and long-term vision, express their team that the difficulties is in the short term. Timely and prove that the group can overcome these difficulties.

“Considering the difficulty as the opportunity to experience and accumulate, to grow and firm more in face with even greater difficulties in the future,” Cuong said.

And consistency brought results. As soon as the real estate market gradually warmed up in late 2014 and early 2015, Kosy’s projects quickly approached customers and were welcomed by the market, bringing positive results. Accordingly, the financial difficulties quickly resolved in just one year. Revenue and profits of the Kosy Group in following years (2016, 2017) has continued to grow.

“Business activities always meet success as well as failures, opportunities are always open. We have to be optimistic and confident as a supporter for other members … “, Chairman Nguyen Viet Cuong excitedly shared and said. Despite his busy schedule, he still spent time golfing, still completing his doctoral studies.

“In that situation, many people will not have the mind to read books, but I think, to convince employees, partners and especially investors, the Board of Directors must be people who besides experience, must be enough enthusiasm, determination, mind, level, ability to manage and stabilize the production and business activities.”

“The success of a business is not only presented by the stars on the signboard but at the true values ??and vibrations of the customer’s heart for the our brand and products, which are created by all heart and mind…” – Businessman Nguyen Viet Cuong

And to lead a good business, in the right direction, the leader must have the knowledge, and learning at school is a best way to acquire knowledge. The knowledge base from the school, together with the practical experience is the basis for gathering high quality human resource to lead the activities of Kosy Group to the present time, “Cuong said.

Confidently towards the future

Over the past ten years, the Kosy Group has a new “apprearance”, from the human resources and its position in market. Since the scale of several individual projects, up to now, the number of Kosy Group projects has spread over many provinces and cities, such as Kosy Hanoi Urban Area, Kosy Urban Area in Viet Tri (Phu Tho), Kosy urban area in Nghe An, Kosy urban area in Ninh Binh…

The project of Kosy Urban Area in Hanoi will mark the Kosy Group in the real estate market in the coming time.

In the period of 2015-2017, with the policy of sustainable development, Kosy is constantly expanding its business scope as well as other fields such as hydropower with projects in Lai Chau; Solar power with projects in Binh Thuan and information technology – a completely new field, started as e-commerce with potential applications in the 4.0 technology.

Especially, in a year of explosive events in all fields of production-business such as 2017, Kosy Group marked the maturity when officially became a public company and put shares traded on the UPCoM market with stock code KOS. According to the plan 2018, Kosy Group will move to list on HNX to increase prestige, scale up the capital deployment of large and more potential projects.

New requirements for the new Kosy Group require a change in both management and leadership styles. Therefore, in 2017, Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong ceded the position of General Director for Mr. Hoang Ha Phuong, a fairly famous in business circles of TASCO.

President Nguyen Viet Cuong said: “Being a person with experience, influence and many relationships in many fields, the invitation to join Mr. Hoang Phuong Kosy Group is a great success. In my opinion, in order to complete the strategy of expanding operation, attracting foreign capital …, the experience and capacity of General Director Hoang Ha Phuong is very important for Kosy Group. “

Mr. Cuong has expected, with the participation of Mr. Hoang Ha Phuong, Kosy Group will have a solid human foundation, thereby perfecting the organizational structure, as well as brand strategy in a very effective way, creating the motivation for the Kosy Group to look forward to the future.

– According to the Securities Investment Newspaper –