Detailed construction planning 1/500 of KOSY – Song Cong Urban Zone

Date 11/01/2011

In the integration trend, socio-economic structure has increasingly shifted with increase in density value of production, commerce and service and gradual decrease in agricultural production at localities. This trend is sound and brings better living conditions for people.

The project will be an important premise to accelerate economic development and exchange, especially in commerce and goods exchange between the town and the vicinities. It is required to concretize the detailed planning scheme 1/2000 in Thang Loi ward, Song Cong town approved in order to push up socio-economic development of Thang Loi ward in particular and Song Cong town in general. Thus, it is essential to invest to construction of KOSY – Song Cong urban zone in order to specify orientation of economic development and meet demands of housing, living activities and business of the residents.

To newly and synchronously plan and construct the whole study area, improve living conditions and environment and business activities of the residents to create the best and most convenient land fund for people to live and work in peace and contentment;

– To absolutely exploit and effectively use the existing land fund; to propose list of the projects to mobilize resources and participation of investment and construction;

– To create a  housing area sustainably developed and harmonious to natura;

– To concretize orientations of the master planning and become the legal basis for management, investment and construction under the planning and set up the construcsion investment plast appropriately;

– To research the uniform planning for the whole new urban zone; to ensure balance expenditures of land use;

– To establish the urban zone attached to the status of the area and the general planning approved; to effectively exploit existing potentials of economic, commerical and serive development of Song Cong town;

– To propose solutions to planning and organization of harmonious and attractive space; to absolutely exploit and effectively use land fund to ensure long-term and sustainable development for the planned zone in line with the general planning of the town;

– To propose principles of general design to orientate the steps of deploying and designing the new urban zone in details and control implementation of the general planning;

– From the legal and practical bases mentioned above, the investment owner orintates and proposes the business plan;

– Completion of the project aims to provide a new, convenient and modern urban zone with technical infrastructure and favorable connection with the vicinities.