Development of TD KOSY in 2009

Date 30/12/2009

On 04/02/2009 in Hanoi, the delegation held KOSY conference implementation in 2009. In 2008, especially from the second to last year due to inflation of the economy has affected and influenced directly to the production business KOSY. However KOSY TD still growing and trying to reach the 2009 growth level than in 2008.Board has proposed solutions for corporations to cope with the economic situation in 2009 and oriented in the following years:

+ Business interest, preserving and developing the capital of the shareholder has invested in the company, completed the responsibility Congress has been through shareholder.

+ Maximize the performance of the company

+ Become a strong business in mineral, Legal, Construction …

+ Venture, associated with a number of organizations and enterprises to establish joint stock companies, investment and real estate business.

+ Continue to build and improve the responsibility, of the operating mechanism, the distribution of benefits and activities of the company to improve the responsibility and encourage employees, shareholders contributing building companies increasingly developed.

+ Transfer structure of the company towards multi, diversify products in order to resolve enough jobs for the workers and achieve high economic efficiency.

+ Regularly Advanced training level management, professional and skilled staff for staff with the equipment investment technology and business to improve production efficiency.

– Exploiting minerals:

With each area have Bld solutions and orientation specific:

+ Fast implementation activities exploitation, processing stone mine Bazan Ky Son, Hoa Binh

Focused investment, to exploit a number of ore mines serving time for the industry concerned, a plan specific to each project.

+ Implementation of the investment, exploration in Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Yen Bai …

+ Overdelivery plan, exceptional quality personnel as well as revenue.

– Education & Training:

+ Accelerate exploitation activities Feldspar, Vietnam, provided the demand for raw materials Ceramics factory in the province over the country.

+ Vietnamese in Hanoi THCN

+ Development Education & Training than 2 to 3 times in 2008

+ Build new links with universities, colleges and abroad.

+ Construction of an apparatus working professional.

– Legal Consulting:

+ Consulting, support the implementation of obligations and rights stipulated by law.

+ Develop more branches in the provinces, increasing prestige, KOSY put into place trust in the proceedings, customer support ….

– Construction:

After collecting a number of projects in Quang Tri, Hanoi … field of Construction KOSY will continue to implement the old and invest in the works also in the area of Hanoi and some provinces areas nationwide.