Date 21/09/0017

According to the latest report from Vietnam Association of Real Estate Brokers, since late 2017, the real estate market in the neighboring provinces of Hanoi has started to be dynamic due to the presence of large investors. For example, in Vinh Yen city (Vinh Phuc province), from the end of 2017 to early 2018, a series of projects have been launched in the market such as An Phu, Mountain View, Nam Vinh Yen, etc.

Meanwhile, in Bac Giang, real estate supply of this market is predicted to be quite large when the province has more than 10 projects which are being implemented and plan to be sold from the second quarter of 2018. Notable real estate investors that can be mentioned in Bac Giang include Kosy, Bach Viet.

In Bac Ninh province, this year, the market will also be warmed up with the appearance of investors such as Him Lam, Nam Hong, etc. The leading enterprises in Thai Nguyen’s real estate market that can be mentioned include Tien Bo Corporation, Tecco Corporation, Hong Vu and Kosy.

Hung Yen, which is located very close to Hanoi and where a large number of industrial zones are concentrated, is always highly appreciated for its potential development of real estate. Recently, the market has received additional Nhu Quynh Diamond Park project in Nhu Quynh town, Van Lam district.

Located on the road 388, just 50m away from the National Highway 5, Nhu Quynh Diamond Park is highly appreciated in Hung Yen because it can meet the demand for accommodation in a civilized urban area, and can also be exploited for potential leasing business.

In addition, in Hung Yen, it must also mention the presence of large investors such as Hoa Phat, TNR and other enterprises such as Lac Hong Phuc, Van Thuan Phat, etc.. The foundation land market in this area has been very dynamic in recent times.

Particularly, with the effect from Vihajico’s Ecopark project and Vingroup’s Vincity Hung Yen project, some market research units assess that the market in this area will grow in both supply and price in the coming time. In particular, there will be a number of small investors launching products before Vingroup to catch up the market.

According to experts, long ago, when referring to provincial real estate, many people often think of small-scale projects, moderate investment to fit the customer segment. However, this concept is outdated by the rise of the peri-urban real estate market, approaching major cities such as Hanoi.

It is observed that currently many investors from major cities encroach on the provincial real estate in areas with high potential for agricultural development, not only for surfing but also for long-term investment.

According to experts, the land prices in the provinces are lower than that in Hanoi, which are expected to be more likely to increase when large projects come into operation, changing the face of urban areas. In addition, transport infrastructure in the provinces has also developed, facilitating the travel from Hanoi to these areas. On the other hand, these localities have strongly invested in new industrial zones and administrative zones. The development of industrial zones inevitably leads to the increase in the mechanical population in such localities, causing the demand for housing and land also increased.

– Tuan Minh – CafeF-