Date 21/09/2021

Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong – Chairman of Kosy Group together with Deputy General Director – Dr. Nguyen Duc Diep and Deputy General Director Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao perform ribbon cutting ceremony to open Representative Office of Kosy Group in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Located in the heart of District 1, right on the most vibrant Nguyen Cong Tru financial street, this representative office will be the beginning of the South progress, bringing Kosy into the domain of South real estate market with many opportunities but also many challenges

So, after successfully increasing the capital scale to over 1000 billion at the end of July 2018, the official opening of the representative office in Ho Chi Minh City once again show the breakthrough, strong growth of Kosy, when expanding business activities in both width and depth.

From here, Kosy will go deeper into a larger, more vibrant market where financial resources are abundant, and the opportunity to work with larger partners is more open, which is a necessary resource accompanied with the development of Kosy in the future.

Chairman of the Group – Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong shared the long-term strategic direction of Kosy, and expressed expectations of development of representative office in Ho Chi Minh City in the future. 

According to Dr. Nguyen Viet Cuong – Chairman of Kosy Group: “The real estate market in the South, especially Ho Chi Minh City is always very exciting, rich potential and is expected to grow strongly in the future. Therefore, the opening of representative offices in key economic areas such as TP. Ho Chi Minh City is a strategic step in the long-term development plan of Kosy Group, aiming at expanding and further developing investment projects, contributing to the spread, affirming the brand value Kosy real estate in this area … “

The representative office is equipped with modern facilities and is designed in a synchronous manner with the head office of the Kosy Group in Hanoi, demonstrating the unity of corporate culture and Kosy spirit.

Head office of the Kosy Group is located in the heart of District 1, right on the most vibrant financial street of SaigonNguyen Cong Tru street.

In the short hand, the main activities of the office will be to search and develop potential real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City and southern provinces in the medium segment, soon bring the Kosy brand products closer to customers./.