Mr. Nguyen Duc Diep – Vice General Director of the Company worked in Lao Cai, Thai Nguyen and gave the appointment decision of managerial staff

Date 21/09/2021

 1. In Lao Cai

  1.1. Working with the management branch Kosy – Lao Cai Urban  Project and giving the the appointment decision to Mr. Nguyen Duc Quyen

Recognizing the construction of  Kosy – Lao Cai Urban Project is an important contribution to create a new face for Lao Cai city, so right after being selected by the People’s Committee of Lao Cai city to act as the Investor of the new urban area in sub-area no. 17 – Lao Cai City, KOSY Joint Stock Company has been rushing to implement the contents of the investment and construction so that the Project can be soon put into use, the project’s benefits can be optimized and can contribute to the promotion of economic development of the locality.

 Recently, KOSY Joint Stock Company has done a lot of affairs: Enumerating, compensation, clearance of phase 1 with an area of about 10 hectares and continuing to implement the affairs for the following phases of the project.

Although the real estate market still faces many difficulties, KOSY Joint Stock Company still efforts to implement the urban development strategy, determines to carry out the project. The Company pays special attention to attracting, building, training and developing high-quality human resources to prepare a qualified, experienced workforce with professional working style, sense of responsibility, rich enthusiasm to implement  the project.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Diep behalf of the Executive Board of Kosy Joint Stock Company gave the appointment Decision to Mr. Nguyen Duc Quyen to the position of Branch Director Kosy – Lao Cai Urban Project (Mr. Nguyen Duc Quyen was born in 1973, a bachelor of business management), and Mr. Diep also assigned specific tasks to each individual to carry out the work effectively.

 Mr. Nguyen Duc Diep gave the appointment Decision to Mr. Nguyen Duc Quyen

1.2.  Visiting and working with officials – employees of the construction team of the bid package of Nam Mon – Coc Ly road project, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province.

Recently, the construction is done in a hard condition: The work is on the location which is much higher than the sea level, this area is usually covered by dense cloud, much rainy. The weather is very harsh. Mr. Nguyen Duc Diep approciated the efforts of the members of the construction team of the bid package; although the workload has not achieved as expected, the result is also very encouraging. Mr. Nguyen Duc Diep encouraged the members of the construction team to overcome difficulties and concentrate all resources so that the work can be completed on time.

 2. In Thai Nguyen

 Kosy – Song Cong Urban Project plays a very important role, contributes to the completion of the overall planning, makes Song Cong become a city as planned in 2015.

Since the commencement of the Project (May 18th, 2011) to present, KOSY Joint Stock Company has implemented a lot of affairs: Completing the legal procedures; basically completing  the compensation, site clearance and construction of Phase 1 infrastructure to accelerate the project progress, the company is focusing on capital, machinery and equipment to carry out the construction for the project to be soon completed and put into use.

The company pays special attention to the workforce, the personnel are considered as the key for a success, so the Company has recruited managers who have the ability to direct, run and settle the affairs of the project.

At the meeting with the officials – employees of the Branch Director of Kosy – Song Cong Urban Project, Mr. Nguyen Duc Diep gave the appointment decision to Mr. Phung Quang Huy to the position, Vice Director of Branch for Kosy – Song Cong Urban Project (Mr. Phung Quang Huy, born in 1971, a Civil Engineer), Mr. Phung Quang Huy is authorized to run and solve the affairs related to engineering, construction on the site of Kosy – Song Cong Urban Project.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Diep gave the appointment decision to Mr. Phung Quang Huy