Date 30/09/2018

Accordingly, 2/3 of the product fund was introduced by the Kosy Group and Danko Group at the event, recognizing successful transactions, which means that two thirds of the final beautiful lost in the project was owned. This contributed to a strong wave in the vibrant real estate market of Lao Cai.

Hundreds of customers attending the opening ceremony shows the special attraction of the project Kosy Mountain View Lao Cai.

Jubiliantly give the gifts of gratitude

Ms.Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, Deputy General Director of Lao Cai Office, said: “In addition to the enthusiasm of the owner and the efforts and professionalism of the Danko Group, trust and support of the clients is a prerequisite for the success of the Kosy Mountain View project in Lao Cai. “

Therefore, the only large sale program in 2018 of the Kosy Mountain View project is also an opportunity for Kosy Group to thank customers for their interest, trust and choice to settle or invest in the project of Kosy Mountain View Lao Cai from the first days.

At the event, many attractive gifts and prizes such as Honda Blade, TG 55 inch Smart TV or SHARP Microwave… were donated to lucky winners.

Many valuable gifts have been donated to lucky customers on behalf of Kosy Group.

Especially, also in the program, manyunprecedented sales policies such as “buying villa – luxury cars” was also launched to Kosy Group customers who successfully order and transact in the villa land lot in Kosy Mountain View Lao Cai. Accordingly, from 15/9/2018 to 30/10/2018, customers who buy villas will receive gifts worth KIA car worth 300 million, in addition, customers are also supported freetThe cost of architectural design drawings of luxurious, modern and classy villas and at the same time receive additional gifts worth VND 25 million/lot for new house and many other policies applied to give maximum support the to customers during the sale opening.

The most worth living right in the gateway of Lao Cai City

With a size of over 38 hectares, located in Binh Minh ward and Bac Lenh precinct, Kosy Mountain View urban area is located at the beginning of Hanoi – Lao Cai expressway and right at the gate leading to the center of Lao Cai city, utilizing all the existing infrastructure facilities in the area, Kosy Mountain View is easily connected with these utilities in less than 1km radius such as: new administrative center, cultural center Provincial Hospital, Pom Han Market, Lao Cai Stadium, bus station,…

Kosy Mountain View Lao Cai new urban area.

Highly appreciated by feng shui experts as the land location of “leaning on mountain, facing water area”, the front of Kosy Mountain View Lao Cai is a park of 120 hectares (according to provincial planning), and at the back is the gentle hills which are lined with greenery adjacent to the residential area of ??Cam Duong (old), thus bringing luck, fortune and prosperity for customers to choose to invest or settle in the project.

Especially, the project of Kosy Mountain View is designed with scientific planning, investment in synchronous infrastructure, full facilities in the area together with the system of trees distributed throughout the route, create landscapes and Green living environment for the whole project. These utilities help to improve the quality and value of each resident’s life, making a difference compared to living in traditional residential areas.

This shows that it is not difficult to explain the attractiveness of the Kosy Mountain View urban area project to the Lao Cai real estate market in the recent time.

Mr. Vu Van Khue – Sales Manager – representative of Kosy Group speaks at the Opening Ceremony of Kosy Mountain View Lao Cai Project.

Mr. Vu Van Khue – Sales Manager of Kosy Group said that: “We have received thousands of customers to visit, learn about the project and hundreds of adjacent blocks, villas were distributed successfully. Especially, the project was highly appreciated by the local government agencies on the progress of implementation, the fulfillment of the financial obligations to the State and the handover of hundreds of red books proving the legal ownership, assuring legal clarity for customers to determine ownership, long-term residence…”

At present, the project is in the final stage of completion of the final infrastructure items, and at the same time, has also been welcoming many households to complete construction of sedentary homes and move into living in urban areas. She believes: “In the near future, surely Kosy Mountain View Lao Cai city will be a vibrant, exciting and most liveable city in the center of the city…”