Kosy Group announces new urban planning in Ninh Binh City

Date 29/07/2016

The participants attending the ceremony were representatives of leaders of Ninh Binh Provincial People’s Committee, representatives of relevant departments: Department of Construction, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Finance, Department of Transport, etc., representatives of leaders of Ninh Binh city, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Nhat commune, Ninh My commune and many local people in the project area.

Dr. Nguyen Duc Diep – representative of Kosy Group – the investor studying the project planning together with the representative of the consultant participated in the conference.

The new urban area in the North of sub-zone IX, which is located in Ninh Nhat commune – Ninh Binh city and Ninh My commune – Hoa Lu district, has scientific planning with low-rise houses including villas, terrace houses, etc., in combination with the system of social infrastructure and the system of green parks and balancing lakes, creating the ecological environment in harmony with the landscape.

The project is also arranged with a preschool, primary and secondary school of 3-5 floors to serve the learning needs of children in the urban area.

The total planning area of the project is 46.8 ha and the urban planning area is 40.7 ha, in which, according to the detailed planning at 1:500 scale, the traffic land area, residential land area, complex works area, green park and water surface area, and public land area account for 39.5%, 35.6%, 9.6%, 10.1% and 6%, respectively.

With oriented planning of synchronous construction of both technical infrastructure and social infrastructure, the new urban area in the North of sub-zone IX will bring great socio-economic efficiency, pave the way and create driving force for the development of Ninh Binh province in general and Ninh Binh city and Hoa Lu district in particular and at the same time create a complete and modern urban infrastructure system, establish the legal basis for management of construction planning, construction design and construction investment for the entire urban area, and ensure the landscape architecture and environment in harmony with the nature as well as sustainable development.

At the conference, Dr. Nguyen Duc Diep, Deputy General Director of Kosy Group – Representative of the planning investor, expressed his thanks to the People’s Committees of Ninh Binh Province, Ninh Binh city, departments, divisions, etc. for their attention, support and facilitation which helped Kosy Group complete the project planning with the highest quality.

Speaking at the conference, Mr. Vu Hoai Chuong – Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Ninh Binh City acknowledged the efforts and determination of Kosy Group in ensuring the progress of the project planning. He also highly appreciated the quality of the planning. He expressed his hope that the project would soon be implemented, contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of the locality in the project area, especially Ninh Nhat commune with the policy of striving to develop into a ward in 2018.

In the coming time, representatives of leaders of Ninh Binh city and Hoa Lu district will focus on propagating and disseminating the policies of the city and the district about the detailed planning for project implementation so that people can grasp information, thereby creating a consensus among the people, helping people comply with local policies, creating favorable conditions for early implementation of the project.