Kosy Group broke ground to deploy 2 hydropower projects with a total capacity of 68 MW

Date 26/05/2021

After 2 years of preparation, Kosy Group focused on completing legal procedures and basically completed site clearance, officially breaking ground for 2 Muong Tung hydropower projects (Dien Bien). and Pa Vay Su (Lai Chau), with a total capacity of 68 MW, a total investment of 2,300 billion VND, construction plan is within 30 months and will generate electricity before September 30, 2023.

As hydropower projects with high water column and all using water transfer tunnels, the two projects Pa Vay Su and Muong Tung include 12 units, using Prancis and Pelton turbines. When put into operation, the two projects will provide about 275 million kWh of electricity to the national power system, bring in hundreds of billions of dong in revenue, and contribute tens of billions of dong to the local budget each year. create jobs for about 1,000 workers.

A hydropower project of Kosy Group (illustration).

Pa Vay Su hydropower project has a total installed capacity of 38 MW, including 03 plants: Pa Vay Su Plant (18 MW), Ta Pao Ho 1A Plan (8 MW) and Ta Pao Ho 1B Plant (12 MW), built in 4 communes: Pa Vay Su commune, Tung Qua Lin commune; Si Lo Lau commune and Mo Si San commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province, Vietnam

The project is located far from Lai Chau city center. , with the goal of fully exploiting the potential water resources in Pan Ho and Then Theo Ho streams, with the task of generating electricity and transferring it to the national grid to meet part of the regional and national loads. When the factories are built, about 40 km of local inter-commune roads will be renovated.

According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Doanh, Deputy General Director in charge of Hydropower projects of Kosy Group in Lai Chau: “The Pa Vay Su hydropower project from the beginning of the survey to the official implementation has received the support of the locality and the support of the people. When the project is completed and generating electricity, it will significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of the people, changing the socio-economic face, solving the energy problem of the region and contributing to ensuring the safety of the people. national energy security”.

Right after the groundbreaking day of Pa Vay Su hydropower project in Lai Chau, Kosy Group continued to break ground for Muong Tung hydropower project in Dien Bien, marking the Group’s progress in the field of renewable energy.

Muong Tung hydropower project has total capacity of 30 MW, including 03 plants: Muong Tung Plant (13 MW), Nam He Thuong 1 Plant (8 MW), Nam He Thuong 2 Plant (9 MW) located in Muong Tung commune, Muong Cha district, Dien Bien province, about 130 km from Dien Bien city. It is a poor and remote commune of Muong Cha district, without national electricity grid and ethnic minorities have not had access to the Internet.

Sharing about the determination of the staff and engineers involved in the project, Mr. Ha Sy Dinh, Deputy General Director in charge of hydropower projects in Dien Bien and Lao Cai of Kosy Group said: “The Muong Tung project is located in a remote area, the traffic is not convenient, the site clearance and construction face many difficulties. However, with the support of the government and people, the high efforts of the project staff, up to now, the project site clearance has been basically completed. We are determined to overcome all difficulties and challenges, ensure the construction progress, and generate power according to the set plan.”

In addition to the construction of new hydropower projects, in 2021, Kosy Group will inaugurate the Nam Pac hydropower plant cluster (Lai Chau) – with a capacity of 34 MW, the Kosy Bac Lieu wind power plant phase 1 – capacity of 40 MW… and invest in many other hydropower, wind and solar power projects in the northern, central and southern provinces. That shows the right direction and drastic actions of Kosy Group in considering renewable energy as a long-term development strategy, ensuring stable revenue and profit, creating sustainable development momentum for the Group. group.

Established in 2008, after more than 13 years of establishment and development, Kosy Group has more than 20 member units with multi-industry activities, of which real estate and renewable energy are two key fields. Kosy Joint Stock Company – a member of Kosy Group, is the investor of many modern urban areas, listed on the HOSE stock exchange, with a market capitalization of more than 4,000 billion dong.

In addition, member units of Kosy Group have been the investors of many real estate, hydropower, wind power, solar power projects … with total investment of thousands of billions of dong. Bac Lieu Kosy Wind Electric Joint Stock Company, TVX.,JSC, KPT Vietnam Joint Stock Company, Tay Bac Power Investment Development Joint Stock Company, Muong Tung Power Joint Stock Company, HPL Power Investment Joint Stock Company…. It is known that, from now to the end of 2021, besides the construction and inauguration of many renewable energy projects, Kosy Group continues to start construction of 4 big real estate projects: Kosy Ha Nam urban area – 23 ha, Kosy Lao Cai urban area – 30 ha, Kosy Ninh Binh urban area – 41 ha, Kosy Riverside Lao Cai urban area – 48 ha.