Kosy Group signs cooperation agreement on financing of 500 billion VND with Bao Viet Bank and distribution contract with Danko Group

Date 28/09/2017

This tripartite cooperation creates a solid footing, aiming to promote the strategy of explosive penetration of the real estate market of Kosy Group. 

“Working together” to explosively penetrate the provincial real estate market

Established in 2008, Kosy Group is an enterprise operating in different fields such as: real estate, construction, hydropower and law, in which real estate is identified as the key operation field. A series of large urban development projects has been successfully developed by Kosy Group in the northern provinces such as Lao Cai, Thai Nguyen, Song Cong, Bac Giang, etc. and forthcoming Hanoi, Sapa, Ninh Binh, Phu Tho, Vinh, Ha Nam, etc. Kosy Group is gradually asserting the capacity, experience and position of one of the professional real estate investment enterprise in the provincial markets.

The commitment of BAOVIET Bank to providing the credit facility of up to 500 billion VND for implementation of projects invested by Kosy Group is an important strategic financial cooperation that helps Kosy Group improve its financial capacity to accelerate the progress and quality of construction projects, thereby creating products fully meeting the needs of customers, gradually affirming the brand position of the group in the real estate market. It is known that BAOVIET Bank will firstly arrange capital and disburse 125 billion VND for the implementation of Kosy Lao Cai urban area project located at the gateway of Lao Cai city, Lao Cai province.

The decision on credit guarantee of BAOVIET Bank is based on the thorough evaluation of Kosy’s prestige and capacity and the scale of the projects being implemented by Kosy Group as well as the liquidity of the projects. Therefore, the cooperation between Kosy Group and BAOVIET Bank marks an important turning point in the combination of an investor who has great capacity for implementing projects with a credit institution, increasing the efficiency of the projects, ensuring the interests of customers when buying lands and on-land products formed in the future in Kosy’s projects.

Recently, Danko Group has emerged and left a strong mark in the real estate distribution market as a new wind which has successfully distributing a series of large real estate projects such as FLC Golf and Beach Resort in Thanh Hoa, Goldmark City, Mulberry Lane, ICID Complex Ha Dong, etc. in Hanoi.

The fact that Danko Group becomes a strategic partner in distributing Kosy’s project products, initially Kosy Lao Cai urban area project, has confirmed the potential and efficiency of the project in Lao Cai market. Cai. At the same time, this is also the project dedicatedly selected by Danko Group to put its mark on the Northwestern real estate market – a highly potential market.

Danko Group’s General Director, Mr. Nguyen Van Cong said: “The cooperation with Kosy Group is part of Danko Group’s strategy to expand its real estate project distribution throughout the country. We recognize the potential of Lao Cai real estate market where Kosy Lao Cai urban area has emerged as a phenomenon in the above average segment of the market due to the gateway position, attractive investment performance and prestigious investor”.

Provincial real estate market where potential has not been fully exploited

Considered as one of the real estate development trends, investment in the projects in the provinces is being interested by many large investors since the land fund in big cities is shrinking while the provinces still own the majority of “clean” land fund. Furthermore, the real estate products with synchronous and modern planning, etc. in the provinces are still considered “rare”, and the supply does not match the demand.

However, the reality shows that in order to successfully invest in real estate projects in the provinces, besides planning and legal issues, investors need to ensure all three factors: financial capacity, project implementation quality and product consumption channel.

Therefore, with the strategic trilateral cooperation among BAOVIET Bank – Kosy Group – Danko Group, a solid footing was established: guaranteed capital from BaoViet Bank with the “Conscience” and “Prestige” and the quality of the projects created by Kosy Group combined with Danko Group’s professional sales channels, making Kosy’s projects has a solid guarantee of prestige, quality and progress, building trust with customers and investors. 

Commenting on this strategic partnership, Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kosy Group, said: “This is a very important strategic cooperation in the long-term development direction of Kosy Group. With the mission of “Creation of prosperous green urban areas”, Kosy Group has been aiming to bring to customers high-quality and worth-living urban products in cities and provinces across the country…”

After the trilateral cooperation, the projects of Kosy Group are like being added a new resource, ready to explosively penetrate and leave a mark on the real estate market of the provinces in a very near future./.