Nam Pac Hydropower Project will finish in July 2021

Date 07/07/2021

Cluster 2 of Nam Pac 1 & 2 Hydropower Project has a total installed capacity of 34 MW, located in Nam Xe and Sin Sui Ho communes, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province with total investment of about 1,100 billion VND. Upon completion of cluster 2, Nam Pac Hydropower Project will provide the national power system with an average power output of about 150 million kWh/year, and will contribute tens of billions of dong to the local budget each year.

At this time, in the mountainous region of the Northwest, the rainy season has entered, along with the complicated development of the Covid epidemic, which has affected the working schedule of foreign experts at the project. The members of the PMU have been determined to overcome all difficulties, strengthen and review the items, ensure that all construction works are completed well and will officially generate electricity for Nam Pac 2 Project in July and Nam Pac 1 in September 2021.

By the end of June 2021, the work items of the Nam Pac 2 Project include: Dam head cluster 2.1, dam head cluster 2.2, tunnel H2.1, H2.2, pressure pipelines, transformer station and 110kV power line with ongoing completion. In early July, the installation of Nam Pac 2 plant will be completed, foreign experts will be present at the site to guide, inspect, monitor and calibrate all equipment.

Along with that, at the end of June, the PMU constructed the valve house and completed the steel pipe installation in the pressure tower. Muong So substation and 110 kV line outside from poles 23 to 57 will also be completed to start the experiment to calibrate plant equipment and generate electricity into the national grid in July. In parallel with the construction promotion of Nam Pac 2 factory, the items of Nam Pac 1 factory were also urgently deployed.

Cluster 2 of Nam Pac 1 & 2 Hydropower Project has a total installed capacity of 34 MW.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Doanh, Deputy General Director in charge of Hydropower projects in Lai Chau shared: “Near the end of the journey, there are many objective arising items of the project that affect the overall progress. The project management team must make every effort to overcome those difficulties, focusing on the set schedule to ensure all conditions are fulfilled. In particular, it is also necessary to coordinate with contractors who are supporting the project from the beginning to this time. The leadership has assigned goals and set expectations for the completion of the project, so the staff and workers at the construction site are showing their best efforts towards the “finishing date”.

When the factory comes into operation, with over 50 years of operation and exploitation, every year hundreds of engineers and operators will live and work at the factory. This is a large, enthusiastic labor force with long-term attachment to the people and the government, contributing to improving the material and spiritual life of the locality; to associate economic development with assurance of national defense and security, political stability, and firm protection of national border sovereignty.

In the field of hydropower, besides the cluster of 2 projects of Nam Pac 1 & 2 hydropower plants, in May and June, Kosy Group officially broke ground to build 2 Muong Tung hydropower projects (Dien Bien province) and Pa Vay Su (Lai Chau) and promote investment in many new hydropower projects in Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Dien Bien… By 2025, Kosy Group will have 500 MW of hydropower, wind power, and solar power generating electricity from the sky and connecting to the national grid.