People’s Committee of Lao Cai province held a meeting on the implementation of urban projects Kosy – Lao Cai city

Date 21/09/2011

On 10/12/2011, at No. 3 meeting rooms, Lao Cai province People’s Committee held meetings on the implementation of investment project implementation Urban Kosy-Lao Cai City, attended the meeting include:
– For the Lao Cai provincial People’s Committee: Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh – Chairman, Mr. Doan Van Huong – Permanent Vice Chairman of the PPC; Mr. Nguyen Thanh Duong – Vice Chairman, in addition to leaders of agency: Department of Construction Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Planning and Investment Department of Finance, Lao Cai City People’s Committee …
– About the Company KOSY: Nguyen Viet Cuong – Chairman / CEO, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Vy – Deputy CEO, Mr. Nguyen Van Chinh – Deputy CEO.

After hearing the speeches of representatives of departments and Lao Cai City People’s Committee, Nguyen Van Vinh Chairman concluded:
Adoption of the plan detailed planning ratio 1/500 urban Kosy Lao Cai City.
Communications and Construction Department to verify the detailed planning records of 1/500 to the PPC for approval.
Communications and Council of the provincial land valuation carried out the valuation of land for the project
Lao Cai City People’s Committee of Communications in collaboration with the investor is KOSY Corporation plan clearance and implementation of clearance of the project
– Requesting the departments of provincial and municipal People’s Committee of Lao Cai is responsible for creating conditions for the Corporation KOSY accelerate project implementation, to put their projects into use in order to accelerate the process of urban of the city and contributing to the development of the province.
Representative leaders KOSY Company express profound thanks to the leaders of the province with the leaders of departments and agencies of the province has created favorable conditions for KOSY accelerate project implementation . And please promise to concentrate all resources, rapid early improve investment procedures for starting a project conducted at the beginning of quarter / 2012 and the entire project completed in 2015.