The eight years anniversary of the founding of Kosy Group

Date 10/03/2016

It was an honor to welcome the presence of PhD. Cao Sy Kiem – former member of the Party Central Committee and  former Governor of the State Bank, Mrs. Phan Thi My Linh – Deputy Minister of Construction,  PhD. Dinh Van Nha – Deputy Chairman of the Economy Committee of the National Assembly, Mr. Mai Duc Loc – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists Association, Major General Ho Sy Tien – Director General of the Criminal Police and  the Ministry of Public Security, more leader from central agencies and localities, friends, partners, family, and loved ones of the Group’s employees who attended the ceremony. The presence of the delegates and distinguished guests encouraged leaders, officials, and employees of the Group to continue to strive overcoming challenges and work in unity.

Speaking during the opening ceremony was Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kosy Group who warmly welcomed and thanked the distinguished guests’ attendance and shared some experiences and perspectives in business as well as objectives and strategy of the Group. He expressed his deep gratitude to the individuals and organizations that have helped and accompanied Kosy Group throughout. Specifically, he uttered sincere thanks to the entire staff officer for sharing their talents, commitment, dedication, and hard work over the past years.

PhD. Nguyen Duc Diep – Deputy Standing General Director, on behalf of the leaders, had an anniversary speech as well. He tackled the formation and development of the Group and highlighted its achievements and pointed out the difficulties and problems encountered by the Group. Such called for strategic decisions and sound solutions realizing the set goals.

Likewise, on behalf of the cooperating partners and investors with Kosy Group, Mr. Shibasaki Mishuhiro – Director of Next One in Vietnam, delivered good wishes for the Group. He affirmed Kosy Group’s positive reputation, compliance, and full of commitment which they desire to be the Next One Japanese potential partners for new projects.

Lastly, Mrs. Phan Thi My Linh – Deputy Minister of Construction, spoke to congratulate Kosy Group’s major events held and verbalized appreciation its achievements and contribution throughout the years. She believes that determination, efficient manpower, reasonable projects aid a corporation to continue to be more successful.

To celebrate the eight years anniversary, the musical repertoire of the famous and homegrown singers created a fun and warm atmosphere. There was also a special program wherein Kosy Group gave gifts for all the distinguished guests, partners, and close friends who had been supportive and helpful in the Group.

The ceremony was a meaningful and warm feast giving an opportunity for all employees of the Group to look back its humble beginnings. Eight years was not long enough for the life of a business but definitely drawn a lot of challenges and meaningful experiences. Not complacent with these achievements, each officer and employee Kosy group vowed more efforts to promote solidarity, dare to think, dare to do, and join hands to bring the Group sustainable development.