Union Associates Next One Japanese Company Worked and Visited Kosy – Lao Cai Branch

Date 19/03/2016

During this business visit, the delegation associates Next One Japanese Company visited the project that is being implemented, contacted with contractors, took the case to motivate, and encouraged collective morale of officers and construction workers of the Kosy – Lao Cai Urban Project.   

During the meeting, on behalf of units and project management, Mr. Nguyen Van Son, Director of Kosy – Lao Cai Branch informed the union partners Next One Japanese company about the situation and progress project implementation as well as the potential of the project.

Next One Japanese Company and Kosy Group have signed a cooperation contract to implement Kosy Song Cong urban project for the next two (2) years. Investment cooperation has brought tremendous efficiency for both parties. Next One recognized that the projects of the investor Kosy Group have potentials and the company decided to invest a capital as large as that of the project implemented in Kosy – Lao Cai Urban Project. Currently the project has completed the infrastructure construction. The first phase was also completed and even preparation of the sample model house. 

Shibasaki Mitsuhiro is glad and believes that the project will bring large investment opportunities.  He committed to cooperate closely with Kosy Group to jointly promote the construction progress for Kosy Lao Cai and determined to complete the project on schedule.

Photos of the visit and the work of the official delegation Next One Japanese Company at Kosy – Lao Cai Branch: