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Date 03/06/2019

Provincial real estate “crowned”

At the end of 2017, the market started to rekindle the taste shift, instead of focusing on Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, real estate in suburban areas and provinces were hunted. The trend became vibrant and booming in 2018, with the rise of a series of new markets. According to data of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association in 2018, the new supply in the provinces is estimated at 100,000 products. The average absorption rate reached over 60% of the volume of each offering. Housing prices in the provinces fluctuated by an average of 10%. In 2019, the heat level in the provincial market recorded no sign of lowering.

Hỗ trợ chưa từng có dành riêng khách mua shophouse KOSY Bắc Giang

Mr. Dinh also emphasized that “fundamentally investing in provinces is quite potential and more favorable than the key areas of Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, the shift and excitement of Provincial land in recent years is not random. General Secretary of Vietnam Association of Real Estate Brokers, Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh said: “When Hanoi market leveled off, land availability was scarce, investors tended to find other product lines and alternative markets to maintain. Provinces recognize that opportunities and demands of investors and project developers should proactively promote economic development, build infrastructure, facilitate procedures, policies, attract and invite to join. Accordingly, the real estate market is also promoted to develop ”.

Another real estate expert also said: “The reality shows that the more well-developed industries and good social infrastructure are, the better liquidity of real estate, because of housing needs for foreign experts and high-level personnel is the driving force for price increases for real estate.

Hỗ trợ chưa từng có dành riêng khách mua shophouse KOSY Bắc Giang

BAC GIANG KOSY – “Spotlight” real estate in Bac Giang province

In the current investment wave of the provinces, Bac Giang is being evaluated as a valuable “wave” of 2019. “Despite of the later development, Bac Giang is also one of the important peaks of the North economic triangle. With the strong development of industrial parks and service infrastructure, the current demand for housing is a favorable pedal, potential market, opportunities for investors as well as real estate projects. “Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh said:” A highlight “of Bac Giang’s real estate.

Keeping the market and demand in Bac Giang, KOSY Group with strong financial potential and successful urban development experience in many northern provinces and cities, has pioneered the construction and construction of KOSY Bac Giang to become model urban area, ecological balance, full of modern utilities and worth living.

Hỗ trợ chưa từng có dành riêng khách mua shophouse KOSY Bắc Giang

Always upholding the legality, quality and progress of the project, being knowledgeable about the market and people’s needs, right after being issued the decision on land allocation and construction permit, the investor has promptly focused construction resources. At present, the system of internal roads, sidewalks, trees, lighting, water supply and drainage systems on the whole project has been completed. It is expected that by the end of 2019, the project shall begin to hand over land boundary markers.

Project of urban area KOSY Bac Giang located in Xuong Giang ward owns a convenient location for traffic when located right next to the axis adjacent between Xuong Giang road (old National Highway 1A) and Nguyen Chi Thanh road (ring road of the Old North East), in particular, the project is directly connected with Bac Giang – Lang Son highway is creating the biggest difference advantage for the urban area of Bac Giang KOSY.

Hỗ trợ chưa từng có dành riêng khách mua shophouse KOSY Bắc Giang

Beside the infrastructure which is planned synchronously, modernly, the space of the subdivisions in the urban area of Bac Giang KOSY is organized harmoniously with the utmost effort to deploy useful living facilities for the residents of KOSY Group’s investor. The highlight of the whole project is a park, a lake with an area of over 4000 m2, with internal utilities such as a walkway garden, a sports ground, a children’s playground, etc. arranged prominently in the center, surrounded by high-rise buildings and villas, forming the “heart” of urban.

Hỗ trợ chưa từng có dành riêng khách mua shophouse KOSY Bắc Giang

Only 1.5 km from the city center, the project is surrounded by an existing out-of-area utility system and easily connects to these available utilities in less than 2 km radius like Bac Giang General Hospital, Bac Giang Maternity Hospital, Bac Giang Bus Station, Bac Giang Coop Mart Supermarket, Xuong Giang citadel, administrative agencies and schools of all levels, etc.

Since April 2019, Kosy Group has been building a large incentive program that made the project attractive to individual investors, while promoting residents to live permanently in the project. Specifically, with the price from 240 million VND, customers may own Kosy Bac Giang shophouse with 10 million VND rental support per month, continuously for 24 months. Moreover, with a scale of 23.3ha, the project is planned into 750 lots of shop houses, townhouses, semi-detached and detached villas. The buildings are modernly designed, the area is flexible from 75-400 m2, welcoming light and air, optimizing the use space as well as the residence and business organization.