Kosy company employees towards teachers on Vietnam

Date 11/03/2017

KOSY) – Towards the 25th anniversary, on Teachers Vietnam (20/11/1982- 20/11 / 2009). Collective leadership, staff of the Corporation KOSY TD, and all students, students in the member units, and representative offices closed in the area of the provinces have implemented various bulk operations with comments that practical response to the celebration of “Welcome Home Church of Vietnam on November 20.
Since the beginning of the month in November 2009, Board of Directors Corporation KOSY TD launched the emulation movement founded celebrate outstanding achievements on the Church of Vietnam in the whole company, and across the training products. Movement is launching extensive education to all staff members, professional managers, office workers, students and block, students courses.
Culture: “Sign up now to two possible classes (Teaching-Learning good good).

Activities are mainly implemented in the emulation movement:

Arts: singing contest or from the free base.

Sports: “The welcome KOSY 20/11 Sports (Badminton, table tennis).

Expected to summarize and awarding ceremony will take place the evening of November 19, 2009 at the headquarters of KOSY.

The test took place the simmering since the early days, attracting the participation of more than 100 crowded staff of teachers, employees of the company as well as all students, student courses.