Ha Nam, a rainy summer day

Date 30/06/2022

Kosy Lita Ha Nam Project Management Board

June comes, returning to us with the joy of memories. Summer rain in the middle of the vast construction site, bringing together with unforgettable memories of a arduous but heroic journey, with sorrows, sadness and joys.

Hundreds of works have to be set up at the beginning of a project, perhaps ground clearance should be the first step – an un easy issue. Indeed, this work is unpredictable, but one thing can be sure of, it is a long journey of patience. Expected goals of clearance established should never be applied in a rigid way, but always require alertness, flexibility and creativity to adapt to different contexts, time and environments. To accomplish this task, one must be very drastic but always flexible, bold but clever, patient but resolute.

This short article may limit the description of the whole journey, however, the vivid footage is still intact in us, as if it just happened yesterday. Those were cold winter nights, the PMU gathered heads together to find a solution, thinking for a decision to be made until late at night. Those were also hot sunny days, past noon, local government leaders were still working with us to find appropriate strategies. There are sweaty laps of ward police comrades, patiently going into each alley, knocking on door to door to explain, propagate and mobilize. And there were the stressful and challenging dialogue and negotiation meetings with the representatives of the people… The unforgettable images always exist in our minds.

Also on the hot June days, we welcomed our colleagues to share the fire. A short time together, may not bring much results, but valuable. We are close to each other, understand the specific circumstances of the project, share joys and sorrows and feel more love for each other. It was a great encouragement from our partners, enabling our confidence to enter the battle with a brave mind.

Then came a special March day, we still joke that it was the project’s liberation day, the day that officially ended a long battle for more than a year to clear the entire site. A victory for extraordinary effort, the fruit of bold decisions and a process of careful, thoughtful, patient, and historic preparation.

In order for this achievement to be obtained, first of all, it is a must to mention the fierceness of the “captain” of the Group – Chairman Nguyen Viet Cuong. A smart move, at the right time, to get the support and determination from the local government. Next is the process of intense concentration with the spirit of expeditious working in reviewing, comparing, and building documents to complete the work in accordance with the law provisions of the PMU members. The towering piles of documents, the smell of burning photocopy ink due to overloading at the Land Fund Development Center office at 11pm on the days leading up to the Lunar New Year of Tiger will never fade in us.

The joy of the liberation day has not passed, without any stop, we have stepped into a new and equally arduous journey – the land allocation of the project. Overcoming a large number of hardships and worries, joy broke out when the Ha Nam provincial government officially made decision to allocate land for the rest of the project with more than 18.2 hectares. Since then, Kosy has officially had the legal right to use the entire 22.94 ha area. Silent joy, in each of us…

To achieve current results as expected progress, it is not only individual effort, but also the initiative with a plan that we have set up and carefully prepared in hand from the days of clearance work. A huge volume of land allocation documents for an area of ​​more than 18.2 hectares is not easy handled. Accordingly, there are days of measuring and drawing cross-sectional maps, dossiers summarizing the area of ​​more than 315 land plots, tally and review data on the allocated land area of ​​more than 182,000 m2, which has been implemented by us for nearly two months.

And forever remain early mornings, or the late afternoons, the image of Permanent Deputy General Director – Nguyen Duc Diep with PUU and the Investment Department, working at agencies and units to promote progress. Perhaps no need to mention, but there are still always an exemplary sense of responsibility, sincere effort and above all, patience for the common goal.

In addition, the sense of responsibility and diligence of the officials in charge of appraising land allocation documents of Ha Nam Department of Natural Resources and Environment has accelerated the implementation of the work on schedule. With all the respect of a friendly relationship, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our precious fellows.

The afternoon rain stopped, only few drops falling, that creates way for the rays of light in the distance. The sad and happy memories, the quiet emotions gradually subsided. Tomorrow, after the rain, the sky will be brighter, the sound of the machines returns to the construction site and we continue our new journey. Concerns and thoughts about the construction plan to accelerate the progress as quickly as possible and countless legal procedures, foreign affairs, and communication tasks of the project are waiting ahead.

We understand that the road ahead is still full of challenges, our belief in blessings has never stopped yet. It is certain that, what we have together with unremitting efforts make the project completetion date not far away.