The stars in Da La sky

Date 29/06/2022

Nguyen Thanh Nghiem – KSCons

Unconsciously with Mr. Bo’s previous question, suddenly I had an answer: “Dear Mr. Bo – Head of the Kosy Quang Binh PMU, do you know that you are managing a group of artists, they are your stars in the sky of Da La!”

Although it is just the beginning of the hot season, in Da La area, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province, the temperature is extremely high, the heat likely “dry” people. According to the local, Da La is actually the different pronounciation of Da Lua (Fire stone), the heat absorbed quickly and retained for a long time. Therefore, this place is considered as one of the hottest areas of Quang Binh province.

Quan Hau town, Quang Ninh district is also land rich in revolutionary traditions with many famous spots of attraction in Quang Binh province. The sound of Loc Long bombs, the sound of Ninh Chau drums opened the way for the Quang Binh movement to rise up in the resistance war against the French colonialists and then during the resistance war against the US with the slogan: “If the car has not passed, no regret for house, blood and bones worth for unopened road.” The local people contributed human and material strength to the front line, together with the whole country, to achieve a great victory in the spring of 1975, completely liberating the South and reunifying the country.

From time immemorial, up to present, the locals are always loved by their extreme kindness and sincerity, enthusiasm and hospitability. Thanks to its richness in tradition, with good reputation for “Birds are perch in safe land”, with several advantages in economic development and tourism that Quang Ninh district has been trusted by many investors, including the Kosy Group. With a broad strategic vision for potential projects, the Group’s Board of Directors has invested in Da La commercial housing on this land.

Kosy personel always carry with them the aspiration Wherever and Whenever, even how difficult it is, I am always ready to continue the mission of building this land to be greater, more modern, worthy of sacrifices, the contribution of the local people.

Construction work on the project is also not trouble free. The terrain of this urban area is mountainous, when it rains, the land is wet and muddy, when it is sunny, it is cloudy and dirty. The project construction work mainly takes place at the peak period of hot season, requiring great efforts from the project’s staff. They have to dry themselves on the construction site, the sun burned their skin, their sweat was like bathing, we must be impressed by the spirit of giving their all for duties.

Once having chance to visit the construction site, eating and working with the workers, drying with them on the route under the blazing sun of 39-40 degrees Celsius, the burning Lao wind mixed with the strong smell of engine oil makes the air even more suffocating, you may feel all the hardships they have to experience. Black skin, sweaty and dusty face, but a smile always on face radiates endless energy.

Due to the tight schedule of project construction, they kept getting caught up in the work cycle, sometimes it took them a few months to return home, this is their silent sacrifice that is rarely shared.

For them, there will be no difficulty or challenge make them stop and there is no joy like seeing the construction site always buzzing with the machinery sound, the worker enthusiastically working. I believe that their best efforts and rolling sweat drops will not be in vain as this land may certainly bloom thanks to their contribution.

I asked Mr. Le Duc Thinh, Site Manager: “The heat discouraged you or not?” Without thinking, he replied to me: “Once I have accepted the mission, I would fight with all my might”. His immediate and constant answer made me feel like it was programmed into him by the will, desire, dedication and determination of a soldier in battle.

Visiting Kosy Quang Binh, I suddenly remembered the days when we pre-empted the project to prepare for construction. Our group included 5 engineers with the task of handing over the site, locating landmarks, measuring and surveying the current status and some other duties of the project.

During the tea break, Mr. Bo – Head of the Kosy Quang Binh PMU pointed to Mr. Lam, the surveying engineer said: “You are young boy with good looking appreance, a handsome face, why not working as an actor then being a construction worker, so hard but not well paid”. Lam replied: “My career choose me!”

Yeah, if he had chosen to be an actor or an artist, and he might become a star in the sky of Vietnamese showbiz. But that’s okay, each profession has its own good and interest, in the event that everyone was an artist, who would work as a surveyor or engineer? These “three-legged, one-eyed” guys look like they were carrying a camera to film, I joked humorously.

On the construction site, looking from afar, engineer Lam carries the machine, which is said to be worth nearly half a billion VND. After setting up, he looks at the distance, waving his arms and legs, shouting, sometimes taking out the walkie-talkie to direct from afar, that looks cool.

Looking in the direction of Mr. Lam, I saw a guy holding a pole forward, backward, left, right, even climbing a tree, standing on the roof, sometimes not even seeing anyone, the pole keeps moving up and down according to the terrain of the project.

In my point of view, engineer Lam is like a film director, also shouting, waving his hands, wearing a walkie-talkie, looking around like he’s directing an acting. And the guy holding the pole is like a circus actor, climbing a tree in one hand, holding a pole in the other, then jumped over over the stream, climbed the roof top…

That’s just the surveying department, on the construction site there are many other departments such as design engineers, profile engineers, field engineers, truck driver, machinery drivers… they are also working day and night on the construction site. The way they work, their manipulations at work are also accurate and skillfull, so it could be concluded that, any profession can be an art if we always love it, give it our all and do our best. Unconsciously with Mr. Bo’s previous question, suddenly I had an answer: “Dear Mr. Bo – Head of the Kosy Quang Binh PMU, do you know that you are managing a group of artists, they are your stars in the sky of Da La!”

Best wishes for Mr. Thinh, Mr. Bo, Mr. Lam and the fellow workers in the project of Da La Commercial Housing Area, all of you strength and toughness, a supple body, a refreshing soul, successfully completing the assigned tasks.

I would like to give you all my faith and I believe that no matter how hot the sun burns on the land of Da Lat or Da La, your strong will is not dampened, the determination and desire of the Kosy personel always steady.

I believe that in just a few years, when Da La Commercial Housing Area is completed, Quan Hau town, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province would surely become more spacious and modern, promoting economic development, so that the locals could enjoy a better life, with the best facilities. That is also to affirm the Group’s great contribution and the best efforts of Kosy warriors in this beloved land rich in revolutionary traditions.

Then tomorrow, when talking about Quan Hau town (Oyster town), not only the specialty oysters mentioned but also Kosy personel being excitedly talked about – the ones who have worked hard day and night to paint bright colors on their landscape.