KOSY cooperation is Viet Nam energetic association member

Date 09/12/2008

GROUP KOSY honor BECOME MEMBER OF Association of Energy VIETNAM. KOSY Group was established under the Certificate of Business Registration No. 0103022871 by the Department of Planning and Investment Noi city level. Head office: No. 69, Zone collective enterprises electricity 1, Xuan Phuong, Tu Liem, Hanoi. Office: 9 Lot 4C, line 9 Trung Yen, Yen Hoa Ward, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Tel: 04.7833660 – Fax: 04.7833661 – Website: Kosy.vn. As a business established on the basis of the many businesses, individuals and excellent Science Institute have more experience and capacity in Hanoi and other provinces. Activities of corporations in some areas such as mineral exploitation, construction, education and training, legal consulting … with rich in experience and effectiveness in implementing the activities, the Group motto is always interested in benefits of partners, customers Corporations received prestige, enthusiastic support of consumers, business partners and the state management in the areas of their operations, 09 on 12 May 2008 Group Kosy has the honor of the Association of Vietnam to load and become a member of Association.
With energy staff young, dynamic in work, Group has made a reputation by his previous partners and customers and become a member of the Association of Vietnam. Honor working for large corporations Kosy is used in the list of corporations, the corporate big Corporations Vietnam Electricity, coal corporation, Vietnam minerals, oil and gas corporation Vietnam National , Tong Song Da Company, General Construction Company Hanoi …Along with the corporation, the corporate big corporations Kosy enjoy the benefits of association to help the charter of the Association, and continue to grow strongly to become large corporations have more to contribute to the economic, social country, solve many jobs, improve income level of staff workers and officials, especially many significant contributions to the state budget. In exploiting and processing minerals Group conducts exploration exploitation Bazan stone quarries in the district of paint, associated with LTD of Japan porous iron production, mining exploitation Penspat, Apatit mines in Lao Cai , to take some of the mining companies … In the North East areas of education and training than has links open classes in many other provinces such as Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Yen Bai, Cao Bang, Lang Son to … Consumer interest in quality teaching and learning contribute to the goal is to raise people’s intellectual, personnel training, fostering talents for the country, Group Kosy already and will continue to implement policies socialization, education, constantly improving the quality of education.
In your Group is always to protect the interests of the State, pay attention to the benefit of customers, in parallel with the goal of business development, market penetration and reaching the market Nations integration, and corporations continue to pay attention to social activities such as ensuring safety, environmental protection, implementation of targeted healthy competition, business culture and implementation of the Home policy guidelines of the Party, the laws of the State deserves one corporation economic strength. Currently Kosy Group is one of the groups has been developed in the international success and reaching up to dramatic with the development of the country.