Kosy Group constructs and give 02 elementary schools for the children in nam xe and sin sui ho communes (Phong Tho, Lai Chau)

Date 24/10/2018

Only by seeing the footsteps through streams, seeding the shaggy shoulders slumped in the sun to walk over dozens of kilometers to the classroom, hand holding schoolbags in the lap, … can we deeply feel that the journey to find and reach letters of the highland children is so difficult. The life is still so difficult, the schools are so far away, filled with the cold and wind….

Understanding the difficulties, loving the journey of finding the word of mountain childhood, in October, 2018, parallel with the construction commencement of Nam Pac hydroelectric plant in Phong Tho, Lai Chau, Kosy Group has decided to construct and give two primary schools in Nam Xe and Sin Sui Ho (Phong Tho, Lai Chau). The estimated value of each school site is about 500 million VND.

With this gift, Kosy Group hopes to help upland childhood in this area have better learning and development conditions with spacious classrooms, fully equipped learning facilities, modern amusement park,…

Founded in 2008, more than 10 years of formation and development has passed, Kosy Group always attaches great importance to investment in community activities, social responsibility, shared hands with the fragile and difficult life across the country. Still remember that, most recently, Kosy Group is also one of the pioneering units to support the Lai Chau flood victims in the flood with much damage

Charity activities have gradually become a bridge, bringing the Kosy people to difficult terrains to join hands with the society to help the unfortunate, because the Kosy people understand that responsibility for the community always accompany the production and business activities. From then on, the value of sharing is multiplied, resonating into quintessence, expressing the great human value between “human and human”. Resonance to be more successful, more successful to be share more.

One day soon, the school construction will be officially commenced!

Remember the story of no head end of highland children on the way to find words …

“The road to school is very far, we have to bring enough rice to school. The boys in the village also go to school, often take the shortcut. Roads are faster, but steeper and more slippery.

The road to school has very few houses, so the mother is afraid of bad people hurting me. At first we were very scared, but to get used to it is fun. The road to school has to go through a very large stream. In the rainy season, spring wateris so high that everyone is afraid. But in the dry season can have a rest  in the stream.

Each person carry a bamboo shoot pot, which is even saltier than salt itself. The boys also eat like that. Only eating rice but we are very happy and sleep well. We like this stream very much, because it is a place to rest and play comfortably before going on the long way coming and no one wants to drop out of school.

The last section to the school is always the most tired. No one else can run but everyone tries to go faster because the school is close at the end…”