Sam Son summer vacation 2022: Spreading culture, connecting spirit

Date 07/07/2022

Exciting Team building “Union for success” to welcome the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders

As part of the series of activities to celebrate the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders, the Team building program exclusively for Kosy Group employees on May 21 took place passionately and excitingly at Sam Son beach.

Team building is not only a physical activity game, but also an opportunity for new and old members, from the Northern and Southern offices of the Group to interact and understand, and find more about each other. Thereby, improving the collective spirit of solidarity and creativity; at the same time bring a lot of happy laughter, refreshing and relaxing after a period of hard work.

On the morning of May 21, the men’s football tournament organized by the Trade Union opened a series of exciting activities to welcome the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders. Although it was raining heavily, the heat on the pitch is unchanged. The Board of Directors and the fans were present to support the spirit of Kosy players.

The qualifying round took place fiercely between 4 teams: Hydropower Division in the knockout round with Accounting – Project Management Division, Finance – Business Division in the knockout round with Investment – Human Resources – Communication – Control Division – Lao Cai board. The sportsmanship and enthusiastic cheers of the fans were pushed to the climax when the matches required penalty kicks to win tickets to the final. In the end, the final match was breathtaking, Hydro Power Division won convincingly 3-1 against Finance – Business Division, winning the whole tournament.

Also on the afternoon of May 21, more than 200 employees attended and cheered on the series of Team building activities. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Deputy General Director Nguyen Quoc Viet carried the torch of Team building 2022, “lighting the fire” for fair play spirits.

At the beginning of the program, for the first time, Kosy held the movement for a tug-of-war championship exclusively for female employees. 4 teams were established, each consisting of 10 members with very impressive names: Champion team, Blue Shark team, Whole butt team and 18 million team. In sportswear, fighting for team’s flag, the spirit of determination to win is strongly shown, which is totally different from the elegant image in daily office suit.

With the knockout format, 4 teams divided into 2 pairs to compete with each other and find 2 winners to enter the final. Every second of the competition was “tense” to “suffocating” as the teams were evenly matched, there was a match, in which both teams had to take a break in the middle of the half due to “pulled and rested” strategy (pinning the rope). In the end, with endurance and good tactics, the Whole Butt team won the championship.

Team building activities were meticulously and professionally prepared with the enthusiastic participation of players along with the excitement from the fans during 04 games including: Horse race, Wheels of teammates, The Thousand Mile shoeses and the Message of Victory.

Accordingly, the employees are divided into 6 teams and have to work in groups to overcome both physical and mental challenges set by the Organizing Committee. With the motto “Unity – Understanding – Strength – Acceleration – Breakthrough – Success, the Organizing Committee has implicitly sent a message for employees to promote solidarity, trust, improve endurance and creativity in the working process.

Impressive Gala dinner “Essence Converges”

Following the 2022 Team building program, on the evening of May 21, at the auditorium of Dragon Style Hotel, Sam Son, the Board of Directors and employees of Kosy Group had a vibrant and meaningful gala night with the theme “ Essence of Convergence”.

“Essence of Convergence” Gala is a great spiritual present for the Board of Directors and employees of the Group after the General Meeting of Shareholders with the goals set for the upcoming year and high determination and “Union for Success” team building fun sports activities.

The party began with vibrant musical performances and a bold summer vibe, bringing the festive atmosphere, the “smell” of the sea spread throughout the auditorium such as Words of Love, and Despasito dance of the Gramy team heating up the festival atmosphere. In particular, the eye-catching belly dance performances, hot fire dances combined with audience exchanges made the gala night more exciting than ever.

Also in the party “Essence of Convergence”, the Organizing Committee conducted the awarding of sports categories: golf, football, tug of war and team building that took place earlier in the framework of welcoming the 2022 General Meeting of Shareholders.

Kosy Golf Tournament 2022 was held at FLC Sam Son on the morning of May 21 with the participation of the Board of Directors and managers. The unfavorable weather could not discourage golfers. Overcoming many heavyweights, finally, Mr. Nguyen Van Son – Director of Bac Giang Project Management Board excellently won the first prize and the Longest Driver sub-prize. Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong – Chairman of Kosy Group won the second prize and the Nearest To The Pin sub prize. Mr. Do Dinh Chi – Head of Technical Committee won the third prize. In addition, the Cup Best Gross sub-prize was also awarded to Mr. Nguyen Trung Kien – Director of Investment Department.

Also on May 21, the men’s football tournament and the women’s tug of war took place, attracting a large number of fans, “Kosy sponsors” to attend.

The final football results are as follows: Hydropower Division excellently honored as the Champion of the whole tournament, the second place went to the Finance and Business Alliance, the third prize went to the Engineering & Project Management Alliance, and the Investment – Human Resources Division – Communication – Control Division – Lao Cai Board).

The tug of war award ceremony seems to be more expected than ever because of the extremely attractive prize, up to 74 million VND. After the knockout stages, with perseverance and deep internal attack, the “Whole Butt” team won the first prize in the final, the “Blue Shark” team came in second and the third prize respectively were the teams “Champion” and “18 million”.

Interspersed in the gala night are 3D dance performances, lucky draws with attractive prizes up to tens of millions of dong. The Board of Directors and employees of the Group together toast and congratulate for mutual efforts to overcome the pandemic. The Kosy members drew closer together, distance removed.

And exciting tune of the DJ gave an end to a vibrant, memorable and emotional summer party. Kosy personel power regenerated, energy boosted, mutual understanding established to help each other to accomplish all the goals and plans set out.