The Quality and Skills of a director

Date 15/08/2015

Leadership is one of the important concepts in science of organizations – personnel. Concept of leadership has always made us confused by nature difficult to shape and the flexibility of it. So far this term is not defined as adequate. Here is a definition for the term: Leadership is a process of influence for others to understand and agreed on what to do, how effective the implementation process and support it the collective or individual to complete the goal.
According to my opinion an ideal boss should have the qualities and skills of the following:

An ideal boss is a convergence of many factors, skills of a good leader and a lead their organizations grow rapidly but, with sustainable vision, clear direction .

1. quality:

a. The desired: A boss should ideally have the desire or need to have big ambitions, a major goal, specific clear. Leaders who must be as the new leaders can be leaders of acceptance. This is one of the very important, may decide fifty percent to the success of man. You can take the example of our most business or political success they have the desire to become a human achievement.

Want to say here is not expected that a normal to want to forgive, to forgive all of the variables that are thought new people to think of measures, then to the Resolution center implementation, n? not difficult, not afraid of failure and the last of them to lead successful.

Those who have ambitions, achievement orientation, the often high goals challenging but feasible, time to achieve, develop action plan specific, identifying ways to overcome difficulties, organizations work effectively, attention to how the show and talk with other people.

b. Sensitive: It is important and is necessary. Reflected in the EQ must be high. Leaders must adapt with the situation, aware of environment and social needs have always felt about attitudes, emotions, desire, sad, happy … people around you, even of all populations them.
c. Belief: Belief is a state of mental and trust is a catalysis, the motivation to create all the power, all energy. Any idea when the impact on emotional world will turn into belief, ideas that will gradually turn into specific action. Trust can speed up the intent of the, “If you will lose match, that is going to fight you will lose. Who do not believe in yourself, will react final scratch your head. If you feel you will win, you must believe, if you really believe, you actually will win. ”
An ideal boss should have faith, it is necessary to work in general and use in special cases such as public speaking.

People with high confidence often try to take on the task difficult and the targets are challenging for you. Those leaders have high expectations for themselves tend to have high expectations for lower level employees. Those leaders are often more patience in the implementation of the goals difficult. It increases the determination and commitment level below, and the level and to support that effort.
d. Energy is of the determined and sustainable. To overcome these difficulties and in the foreign context. This section the owner must have more and more people look for when the public is only from here. An ideal boss should have the power and the transmission of force.

e. Direct primary is the public expected. The main direct this to the public, feel confident, an important decision for them to attend the leadership or not. Is the main direct convergence, among other elements: words to work with and associated with the product price inside. It is linked among firm value, nothing can change.
A leader can direct the earned trust of the people and will be admiration for the best values in the core. The quality may consider as a typical form for people to say as well as help for the entire organization, companies build valuable cultural effective and bulky power.

These are some important elements of an ideal boss should have, besides a boss or a leader should have more of the following:

– Consistency maintenance;

– Dynamic;

– Decisive;

– Always focus on the issue;

– Ready-responsibility;

– Under the pressure of stress;

– The need for low dependency;

– Stable and strong in terms of psychology;

– Understanding society;

– Thinking system;

– The ability to learn.
Stogdill said that some of the following is characteristic of successful leadership: The leaders described the features is the strong desire to take on responsibility, completing tasks, and powerful patience in the implementation of goals, to predict and creative in problem solving, in active situations, confidence, desire to assert their own, ready to accept the consequences of the decisions and actions his, ready to accept the pressure in the relationship, ready to bear the failure and delay the ability to influence the behavior of others, ability to build communications systems serving social purposes urgent.

2. Skills:

a. Brain imagination: imagination are the factory the action plan and the dream of man. He can make anything if they have brain imagination. The business size, the artists, Musicians, artists … have imagination brain is developing. An ideal boss, put their organizations grow rapidly, must be sustainable brain imagining creative development.

For the leaders can see a new future, they will lead people to follow the future, creativity in this situation is capable of thinking differently and recognize that what people others can not. Moreover, the leaders also give reason to convince people that follow must follow.
An ideal boss should have cognitive skills well, it needed to plan, organize and solve problems.

b. Cognitive skills: Ability to evaluate cleanliness, have far vision, ability to visually and the ability to understand the ideas and order data in the dim, not sure.

c. Communication skills good: Includes knowledge of behavior of man and the group’s ability to understand feelings, attitudes and motivating other people’s ability to convey clear and convincing.

A boss of an organization should regularly communicate with people around as the negotiations with our partners, guidance issued under the …

To succeed, the owner must understand the behavior of, understand emotions and attitudes and to understand their engines. In addition must have the feeling, sensitive, can be bad wrap, dexterity in diplomatic, is highly convincing.

These are some important skills necessary for an ideal boss, in addition to a boss or a leader should have the following skills:

– Wit emotions;

– Skills professional services;

– Management skills;

– There are skills based on the concept;

– Skills authorized;

– Presentation skills;

– Skills link network;

– Skills management itself;

– Skill building group.

Nguyen Viet Cuong – Board Chairman KOSY