The staffs and leaders of Kosy experience and discover Shenczhen – Quangzhou

Date 30/07/2018

Tourism is an annual activity organized by the Kosy Group, aimed at improving the spiritual life for employees and their  families. Every year a trip, an exciting destination is an opportunity for Kosy people to enjoy recreation, enhance their knowledge, discover new cultural values and be a chance to connect, tighten solidarity internally in the Group. This is the cultural beauty that the Group leaders really pay attention and organization.

In 2018, the destination chosen for Kosy’s trip was China’s neighboring country with famous landmarks such as Nanning – Shenzhen – Guangzhou. Known as a country with a rich cultural traditions, long history and architectural works famous throughout the world, it is not strange to spread along the journey on the land you are admiring poems about beautiful human, cultural, culinary and economic integration of the most populous country in the world.

Shenzhen is one of the most vibrant and modern economic zones in China. Shenzhen is a megacity with more than 1,000 high-rise buildings and about 12 million people, next to luxurious Hong Kong. This is also referred to as “high-tech capital”, where the headquarters of the “big” technology firms such as Huawei, Tencent, ZTE, …

Coming to Shenzhen, Kosy staff visited the central core of the city, visited the 599 meter Ping An building, strolling around the park. The window of the world admired nearly 130 miniature models of wonders, scenic, world-famous buildings such as Eiffel Tower (France), Red Square (Russia), Pyramids (Egypt), windmill field (Holland), Niagra Tower, Angkor Wat, Leaning Tower of Pisa, or One Pillar Pagoda (Vietnam),…

Gala Dinner with the theme of “connecting to reach further” has brought laughter, joy, showing the spirit of team, carrying the desire for further development of the Group in the future.

Gala Dinner with the theme of “connecting to reach further” with so much fun

The Guangzhou – Shenzhen Expressway takes just over 2 hours. Guangzhou is China’s third largest dynamic, open-air city (after Beijing and Shanghai) – the capital of Guangdong province. The city’s economy has also grown rapidly with the rapid change in infrastructure: subways, international airports, international convention centers, etc. In addition, Guangzhou is also the city with the hottest real estate market in the world with the rapid increase of real estate through each year. This is also one of the largest economic exchanges with the world, ranking third in the country in terms of economic development.

Here, the destinations such as Yuexiu Park, Huang Huajiang Park where the rest of the hero Pham Hong Thai, Beijing Pedestrian Street, Longmen Marine Park, the second longest famous Green Bridge in China, … are really memorable stops. Especially when the city of Guangzhou on the lights, dressing up the beauty of the fanciful urban, cruise trip along the Pearl River that bring about the overwhelmed feelings to the team.

During the journey, each member of the team showed the harmonious coordination to make the trip the most convenient and effective, to make 4 days together on the land become more meaningful, then each placed pass marks the laugher… After each trip, each person seem to be motivated, agree with the common goal of the Group – and it will be a long journey for the Kosy to accompany and strive together….

See you next trip for the next year – 2019 with a new trip, another place and another journey of discovery!!!!

More pics of this trip: 

See you next trip for the next year – 2019 with a new trip, another place and another journey of discovery!!!!