Outline portraits of 4 new Deputy General Directors

Date 30/06/2022

In March 2022, Kosy Group held a ceremony to announce the decision to appoint 04 Deputy General Directors in charge of the fields of Finance, Business, Renewable Energy, Administration – Human Resources – Office. , in order to satisfy the development requirement in the current period. Reporter from Kosy News had a conversation with 4 Deputy General Directors to record their feelings and listen to their sharing about career views and life perspectives.

Mr. Luong Quoc Hung – Deputy General Director in charge of Renewable Energy: “Absoluteness in work is my personality.”

–  Please share your feelings when being appointed to the position of Deputy General Director in charge of Renewable Energy?

After more than 1 year of working at Kosy Group, I was appointed to the position of Deputy General Director in charge of Renewable Energy, one of the two main areas of activity of the Group, besides real estate. I am so honored, proud and emotional. I think that the appointment of the Board of Directors from the current management shows the policy of respecting talents and promoting resources of Kosy Group. This is also the recognition and evaluation of the Board of Directors with my contributions during my work at the Group.

What is your typical personality trait at work??

My point of view: work comes first. “Sad but true”, at work, I always frankly give suggestions to specialized departments to achieve the best results. However, as a technician, sometimes the way I convey information is a bit not flexible, unintentionally offending the listener, but that’s my personality. In fact, after everything was done, I also actively raised questions, creating laughter for everyone to be more comfortable and connected. Those who have worked for a long time with me also understand my personality and coordinate work effectively. (Laugh)

[Mr. Luong Quoc Hung was born in 1976, has over 20 years of experience in the management of hydropower projects. According to the Appointment Decision, Mr. Hung is responsible for managing the Renewable Energy Department and a number of Hydropower and Renewable Energy Project Management Units of Kosy Group]

Mr. Nguyen Tien Nam – Deputy General Director in charge of Finance: “No pressure, no diamonds. I don’t want diamonds but overcoming most of the pressures and challenges.”

– It is often said: “Pressure creates diamonds”, as a financial manager for businesses, what do you think about this saying??

The process of diamond formation takes place under special and difficult physical environmental conditions. Diamonds are formed under pressures above 5 gigapascals when temperatures exceed 1,300 degrees at depths between 100 and 200 kilometers underground.

In life, there are often no easy things, to obtain diamonds, we have to be under pressure. The pressure can be physical, it can also be mental, and diamonds are precious treasures. Successful people turn those pressures into motivation, to reach the desired results. Difficulties and challenges are nothing if a fire of resilience and enthusiasm always burns. So stay strong in all situations and always encourage and remind yourself: “No pressure, no diamonds”.

Working in an open economy like Vietnam, pressure at work is obvious and needs to be faced, accepted and overcome. Personally, after 22 years of working in the field of Finance – Securities, experiencing different positions and many challenges in life and work, the flame of passion still maintained for my career, study, and experience accumulatation towards the conquest of collective and individual goals.

Pressure always exists, it is necessary to identify challenges, evaluate, find the best solution to harmoniously solve and achieve optimal results. However, there are pressures even if we have tried hard but still fail or the results are not as expected, those should be considered as valuable career lessons. I don’t want diamonds, my desired is to overcome most of the pressures and challenges.

– It is known that you are a golf enthusiast, could you share more about this sport?

There was a time I was about to stop playing this sport, so that I could spend more time with work and family, but now golf is a part of my life.

Golf is fun, golf can improve communication and relationship building. Golf also helps in self-development by constantly striving to improve results while playing together with friends or practicing to improve the results of every shot, hole, match.

Golfers are people who define clear goals and always practice their thinking. Such a clear definition of purpose will be the guideline for all activities, thereby focusing on what should be done, situations that need to be handled, and strategies to achieve the desired results. Golf has allowed me to form the habit of defining clear goals and objectives. Since then, it is easier for me to live a happier and more joyful life, without falling into a sense of ambiguity, without clear direction on all issues of life as well as career.

[Mr. Nguyen Tien Nam was born in 1978, has over 20 years of experience in Finance and Accounting. According to the Appointment Decision, Mr. Nam is responsible for managing the Finance Department, Accounting Department, and Securities Department.]

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Sinh – Deputy General Director in charge of Sales: “Three things changed significantly when I was appointed to Deputy General Director.”

– Please tell more about these changes?

First, change in perception. Previously, my scope of management was the customer care department, now it has expanded to the business division of the Group. I realize that I need to further improve my knowledge, skills, expertise and real estate management, including Sales, Marketing, Procedures… to be able to well complete the tasks and responsibilities that the Group’s BOD has entrusted.

Second, change in vision. In my new position, setting goals and long-term vision with Kosy Group is one of the things I determined to change, in order to be able to devote my best, to stick with Kosy Group for a long time.

Third, change in orientation: In addition to the changes in perception and vision, I also build development orientations not only for myself but also for the whole Business division to match the general development orientation of the Group.

– A personality/working style or effective negotiation experience in business that you would like to share?

I am inherently a person of personality, directness and a bit of a hot temper, however, as a manager, I always know how to balance my personal and work emotions to be able to handle any situation effectively.

In business, negotiation is an indispensable skill in any transaction. The secret of an effective negotiation with a customer, especially in confrontational matters,  in addition to keeping calm and listening to the other side’s opinion, it is necessary to have skills in understanding and calming the mind. Get in the customer’s shoes to thoroughly understand them, at the same time do not allow yourself to be far from the investor’s stance and point of view. It is required to skillfully choose the best time and plan to solve the problem,  to achieve the expected results for the two parties, thereby building customer trust in the business.

[Mrs. Nguyen Thi Sinh was born in 1979, has over 15 years of experience in the real estate business. According to the Appointment Decision, Mrs. Sinh is in charge of managing the following departments: Sales Department, Marketing Department, Customer Care Procedures Department – ​​Debts Department.]

Mrs. Ha Thi Thu Thuy – Deputy General Director in charge of Administration – Human Resources – Office: “I take Honesty – Responsibility – Dedication as a guideline for my career

Could you please tell us the strategy of HR department on the way to building an ideal working environment for employees? What effects are these activities expected to bring?

There is no such thing as the most ideal working environment, only a working environment where employees feel loved and satisfied. There, employees can improve their own values, are recognized for their skills and abilities at work, respected by colleagues and trusted by their superiors.

Kosy Group is growing and expanding every year, the number of employees increases in accordance with the industry and field of expansion. Therefore, HR is also required to change in order to keep up with the Group’s development and create a favorite working environment for employees. Specifically, creating conditions and promotion opportunities for employees; professional training, improvement of personnel evaluation activities; remuneration regimes, creating an active and self-controlled working environment at work; encourage the development of team spirit, improve the working space for employees… to realize the expectation of a professional, dynamic, cohesive, united, unanimity and working for a common goal.

In your opinion, what is a required quality of a human resource manager? What is your motto/guideline at work?

Human resource management is related to human, and management of human is one of the most difficult management tasks, requiring HR workers to have qualities such as: honesty, meticulousness, patience, listening, understanding, good connection with colleagues and be objective in all situations. Who is in charge of human resources should balance the interests between the employee and the employer, he/she also has to firmly maintain all regulations of the Group.

I take “Honesty – Responsibility – Dedication” as the guideline for my work.

Be honest with superiors, colleagues and partners to always create trust and create long-term sustainable relationships.

Responsible for all assigned work, respect deadlines; always looking for solutions to complete the work, ready to receive new tasks, anxious for better development, improve professional skills and knowledge for myself; willing to share knowledge for subordinates so that all employees have the opportunity for promotion as well as better benefits.

Devoted and thoughtful in all relationships with colleagues, superiors and partners, willing to be a bridge to solve human-related problems; Enthusiasm for work, team cohesion.

[Mrs. Ha Thi Thu Thuy was born in 1978, has over 15 years of management experience in the field of Human Resources Administration. According to the Appointment Decision, Ms. Thuy is responsible for managing the Human Resources Department and Administration Department…]

Thanks 4 Deputy General Directors for interesting conversation. Wishing you all the best of health and success in your new positions to contribute to the development of Kosy Group!