Pa Vay Su Hydropower Plant 50,5MW

Location: Pa Vay Su commune, Tung Qua Lin commune; Si Lo Lau commune and Mo Si San commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province, Vietnam

Total capacity:  50.5 MW

Total investment: 1,700 billion dong

Commencement: May 2021

Power generation: June 2024

Pa Vay Su hydropower project has a total installed capacity of 50,5 MW, including 4 plants: Pa Vay Su 1 Plant, Pa Vay Su 2 Plant Ta Pao Ho 1A Plant and Ta Pao Ho 1B Plant, built in 4 communes: Pa Vay Su, Tung Qua Lin, Si Lo Lau and Mo Si San, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province. The project is located about 90 km from the center of Lai Chau city, with the goal of fully exploiting the potential water resources in Pan Ho and Then Theo Ho streams, with the task of generating electricity and transferring it to the national grid to meet part of the regional and national loads.

When the factories are built, about 40 km of local inter-commune roads will be renovated. Every year when the project cluster goes into power generation, it will provide an output of about 160 million KW, bring in about 195 billion dong in revenue, and pay taxes to the state budget about several tens of billions of dollars, thereby bringing significant revenue to Lai Chau province’s budget. During 2-3 years of construction, the project will create jobs for about 300 local people, after going into operation, it will bring stable jobs for about 60 local ethnic minority employees.



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